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a/n: apparently the original links won't work for people who aren't members of [ profile] writerverse. I recommend checking it out ;) but all the drabbles are in spoiler cuts here.

ed. 6.24 2:45: I'm saying goodbye to the spoiler cuts because the formatting is getting really hinky.
the numbers are linked to the drabbles where they're originally posted as comment!fic on [ profile] writerverse. all drabbles in this post are underneath a single LJ-cut. The highest rating is an M+ (not quite explicit enough to be explicit but I'm tentative about the M rating)

#1 : [ profile] femslash100 drabble tag #6: Defiance // Amanda/Berlin: Rough
+ [ profile] femslash100 drabble cycle #11: kinks // 30A #13: Pain

Want It in the Worst Way // M+

Not that Amanda hasn't had her fair share of sexual experiences...but this...pain-derived pleasure, bark excoriating her back through her thin cotton button-up as Berlin pinned her to the was like opening a door to a dark, other dimension, one completely unknown. Their power struggle was lightyears from Amanda's dinner-and-silk-sheets dating. Even Nolan, her least silky lover after Berlin, treated her to dinner.

As anxiety-producing as rushing into this rough, bloody, desperate affair was, Amanda finds herself deciding her anxieties irrelevant in competition with the hips jutting into hers and the hand finding its harsh, rapid rhythm inside her.

#2 : [ profile] ncis_drabble #318: If Only... // Tony/Ziva

From Paris With Love // T

The bike lurches to a stop, and Ziva adjusts her positioning, sitting taller, propping her chin upon Tony's shoulder, and wrapping her arms around him even more tightly.

"I wish we could remain in Paris," she sighs, some of her hair falling over her shoulder, reminding her how Tony, fascinated, had actually watched her straighten it this morning, amusingly unfamiliar with the process.

"This has been good here...just being together," her partner nods.

"We have been doing work here, Tony, or haven't you been paying attention?"

The light flicks from maroon to emerald; Tony speeds off, only smirking in response.

#3 : Agent Carter: Daniel/Peggy

Reprieve // T

The day had been difficult, and longer than usual - enough so that Peggy had actually called in to inquire as to her fiance's whereabouts.

Well, not that she'd said that directly - she'd told Rose they'd planned to have dinner, less eyebrow-raising than the truth that Daniel, at roughly midnight, returned to an apartment he was surprised to find darkened, and discovered that Peggy had indeed taken his advice and gone to bed.

He joined her in the darkness beneath the quilt; she wearily burrowed herself again his chest, and he pulled her breathtakingly close, kissed her, and fell asleep.

#4 : Cal & Skye & cat
[ profile] 1_million_words June Bingo: Teaching/Learning: Substitute

Normalcy is a Lie // G

As Cal - David - gets back to work, the conversation peters out. The cat Skye's cuddling leans onto Skye's lap, stretching its paws upwards and hitting her cheeks. Skye sputters playfully, and scratches her head.

"That's Lassie, she's a ball of love," Cal smiles over at her from his desk.

"Lassie? Seriously?"

"Some kids realized she acted like a dog, and I didn't have any better ideas, so the nickname stuck."

Skye giggles; Lassie purrs.

"Sorry about the paperwork, Daisy. But, as I was saying, your dad sounds like a good man."

"He is," she says. "He really is."

#5 : Edwin, Howard & Peggy
[ profile] 1_million_words June Bingo: Teaching/Learning: Failing Grade

Cost-Benefit Analysis // T

It's moments like this - few and far between, but unpleasant nonetheless - that Edwin finds it disquieting that Howard's every wish is his command.

The material is bright blue, slinky and slides between his moist fingers, and Peggy will certainly threaten to shoot them both.

He wonders what need there is for such lingerie as this: Anna's always preferred plainer unmentionables, and Edwin's certainly found them arousing, and he honestly can't imagine when Peggy'd be showing someone anything in Howard's order.

But if, as Howard said, it made her feel better, then this excursion would be worth it.

#6 : Jenny, Ziva, Tony: [ profile] femslash100 drabble tag #6: Jenny/Ziva: Safety
& [ profile] ncis_drabble #360: Holding On

Plan Z // M

Ziva curls over her, pressing her own shirt against Jenny's chest. The door creaks open, and Ziva launches herself upright, gun at the ready.

"Just me, ninja," comes Tony's voice, soft, frightful, but sturdy.

"B team and ambulance are en route."

Safe. They were safe.

Ziva nods, and kneels again, murmuring sweet nothings Jenny can't quite make out; the two agents hoist Jenny up from the floor. Tony gasps at Jenny's wounds; Ziva sighs; Jenny hears a siren in the distance.

"Should we exit the building, Director?" Tony asks; Jenny's entirely too exhausted for an eyeroll.

"It's worth a try."

#7 : [ profile] femslash100 drabbletag #6: Teen Wolf: Allison/Lydia: Training
+ [ profile] 1_million_words June Bingo: Teaching/Learning: New Teacher
+ [ profile] 100_women #75: Fall

Out of the Woods // T

Two bullets. She had two bullets in her gun, and she still hadn't hit the damned target.

Night is starting to fall, chilly breeze sweeping leaves around Lydia's bare legs; she winces before letting poor Allison adjust her positioning again.

Yes, Lydia wanted to learn to shoot, but no one had said it'd be half this freaking hard.

Allison's arms settle atop her shoulders, and then move down her forearms. Lydia shivers then berates herself. It was Allison, for God's sake. Just because she was pretty...

"We should keep the last two of this magazine, Lyds. We'll come back tomorrow."

#8 : [ profile] femslash100 drabble tag #6: ASOIAF/Game of Thrones: Melisandre/Selyse: Worship
+ [ profile] femslash100 Drabble Cycle #11: Kinks: Table 30A #5: Begging

The Goddess on My Side // M

The night is dark - and indeed, full of terrors - but it's clear Melisandre is scheming when Selyse enters the Priestess' chambers at nighttime and she is by her window, breathing in the frigid air. The fire of her kept her blood hot; consequently, Selyse is warm, wet, and wanting.

"If only the wolves would sleep..." Melisandre mutters.

"I care not of wolves," Selyse declares sturdily, kneeling to beseech her the duty of raising Melisandre's ruby skirt and pleasuring her, unallowed to beg with hands upon her.

Melisandre's thumb slips into Selyse's mouth. Selyse suckles it, and Melisandre nods.

#9 : [ profile] femslash100 drabble tag #6: ASOIAF/Game of Thrones: Margaery/Sansa: Confession
+ [ profile] femslash100 Drabble Cycle #11: Kinks: Table 30A #13: Food

Falling Apart at Half-Time // T

The curtain falls closed behind Margaery as she follows Sansa out to the balcony, and Sansa grits her teeth.

"Are you all right?" Margaery's question comes even more gently than she, and Sansa attempts a smile.

"Yes, of course."

Margaery smirks, "Sansa Stark, you are a terrible liar."

Sansa grimaces but can't help but respond in good humor.

"I know."

Margaery moves over to her; Sansa looks away when she's close enough that the length - or lack thereof - of Margaery's skirt makes it a bit more difficult to breathe, and Margaery sits.

"Your lemon bars were a hit."

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