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Day One: Favorite Scene(s) / FFW #76: Question // Sugar & Spice
Pepper/Tony / rated T / 420w
It's not a stuffed animal. It's a promotion.

Day Two: Favorite Romantic Relationship(s) / FFW #2: Triangle // The Element of Surprise
Natasha/Pepper/Tony / rated M / 240w
Pepper Potts was, for the most part, predictable.

Day Three: Favorite Outfit/Hair/Makeup / FFW #88: Hot Water // No Rest for the Wicked
Natasha/Pepper / rated M / 754w
Natasha sometimes has trouble handling unprecedented situations, particularly where forgiveness is concerned.

Day Four: Favorite Platonic Relationship(s) / FFW #56: Entertaining // One for the Girls
Gen & Multifemslash / rated T / 625w
Girls' night in for the ladies of Stark Industries & SHIELD.

Day Five: Favorite Trait(s) / FFW #1: The Lost Hour // Breath of Fire and Fresh Air
Pepper/Tony / rated T / 870w
Sometimes history does it better the second time around.

Day Six: AU / FFW #16: Role Reversal // Knock Before Entering
Natasha/Pepper / rated T / 200w
Pepper knocks twice.

Day Seven: Free Day / FFW #91: Puzzles // Lover Lay Down
Natasha/Pepper / rated E / 250w
Some unexpected happenings are better than others.
sequel to No Rest for the Wicked