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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] clarahow at Beta needed for Bellatrix/Pansy D/s One Shot
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Gen: Bellatrix/Pansy
Need Help With: not entirely sure, but possibly SPaG, coherence/flow, characterization, word choice...anything, really. all concrit or constructive commentary is welcome.
Deadlines?: (turnaround time; when do you need the fic beta'd by?) July 27 (already an extension from fest)
Warnings/Contains: Cross-Gen relationship (set at point in time at which both characters are legally adults (ie Pansy is 17), BDSM (Domme/sub relationship, sub referred to as pet and sl*t), would be dub-con if not in sub's POV, rough sex, domme-prompted begging, sub is almost literally f*cked senseless, intentional but minor injury to sub
Other Info: (any other information you'd like to let your beta know) my first work for the ship as well as with the either character as a work's main character. according to wordcountertool.com the fic is ~2250 words. fic would be shared via google docs.