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but I'm dropping out because I'm not gonna drop out

aka I have to do the thing called college and can't write for all the things at the moment

thank you my interwebs friends for your wisdom
[livejournal.com profile] swan_secrets [livejournal.com profile] naemi [livejournal.com profile] badly_knitted
you are wonderful and your responses to my earlier post really helped :D

Okay, going through all my COMMS *opens profile*

*Additionally, going to friend people I've talked to in comms.*

*Starts with 184 total.*

non-challenge comms
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mine so duh I'm staying in the thing
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only open for a couple more months anyway
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absolutely not leaving because I'm too emotionally attached / also fabulous ratio of friends and freedom to stress so there
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nice ratio of things v stress (tables, non-mandatory challenges)
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The Bangs...both dropped. [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang + [livejournal.com profile] ncis_bang (naemi I may still ask you to beta stuff if that's okay). Both stories still in progress, will be finished eventually. Will keep unposted until either finished or until other WsIP undergo significant progress.

EDIT: The Marvel Bang rough drafts aren't due until August 26. I'm going to keep that, at least for the time being.

The [livejournal.com profile] c_im_bigbang you don't have to sign up for, but you're counted as part of it if you submit a draft on time, so low-pressure.

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Okay I have to head over to class but I'll continue editing this during break.

Post officially "finished" for 7.27. 153 comms now.