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Okay, friends! I have reading and writing and things to do. And y'all, pls help me kick my butt in gear. All cheerleading/butt-kicking welcome here.

-update tumblr queue so it has enough posts for today
-reply to ao3 comments (except that one that I'm waiting until I've done the thing to reply to)
-post next drabble from lj to ao3
-update spreadsheet of ao3 fics
-make femslash100 post of 2 most recent fills because I have shit to do b4 reaching next 5
-reply to femslash100 comments with fills
-laundry motherfucker
-do not turn right do not press go do not collect 200$
-read the forest people to page 279
-write the freaking essays goddamn
-maybe that writerverse challenge (#24: what happened first?) which is due at midnight
-eureka small fandom fest situation if I finish all the things
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] evewithanapple at Girls Like Girls! A femslash ficathon

Because I want there to be more femslash out there. Be the change, etc.

1. Fic and art fills are both cool!
2. Any character is elegible as long as she canonically identifies as female. So Nomi Marks from Sense8 is a-okay; not so much, fic about Samantha Winchester.
2. (b) if there's a case where a character's canon identification is unclear, shoot me a question and I'll let you know.
3. RPF is also okay!
4. One prompt per comment
5. If you fill a prompt, link to it in the fill thread!
More banners! (Feel free to make your own.)