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because I need to actually keep this shit somewhere. *sighs*

I'll just sit here playing catch-up for a little bit. however (!) I actually started making actual icons along with graphics because of an avland challenge. and now I'm getting into it, lol. I've kind of been out of a writing swing, though. :(

edit: didn't even occur to me people might like these icons enough to take them but apparently I'm pleasantly surprised :) thank you [livejournal.com profile] write_x_always! If you're taking some, it'd be awesome of you to comment/credit, but I won't be stingy about it.

Each Day's Min. Quota: Drabble or 2 icons.
Monthly Min. Quota (for challenge completion banner): 20 things.

WEEK ONE | comm masterpost

day one | captain america ( Ready or Not | You Can't Hide (800w) )

day two | buffy


captain america ( Flies with Honey (250w) )

day three | the flash


day four | buffy

captain america

the flash

day five | castle ( oh, captain, Rick's captain (450w))


the flash

week one | buffy: 4 things (4 icons) | captain america: 3 things (2 fics (800w, 250w = 1,050w), 1 icon)| castle: 1 thing (1 fic (450w)) | the flash: 4 things (4 icons) // 12 things (3 fics (1,500w), 9 icons)
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she smiles
and it feels
like sunburn.

no one knows
what's hit them
but they're down
on the ground
like fallen soldiers.

she sighs
and it sounds
like cascading ice.

her tears
are like
constellation points.

church bells on
Christmas morning
make you wish
for a wedding day.

she smiles at him
and it feels like

she's the world to you
and she moves too quickly
for you to keep up.

she cries
and it feels like
an earthquake.

she lies
and she can't hide it
and you believe her

she's dark inside but
she dons the cape
and breaks the spell
and kisses the princess
and bares her teeth
and saves us all.

you're not sure
if she's a dream
or a nightmare
but she doesn't care
which you'd prefer.

she's a puzzle made
of broken pieces
stitched together
with aches and pains.
she doesn't want
you to try
to rearrange her.

you want an "everywoman"?
take a look
at all these
they'll all fight you

take you down
like whiskey
with rain
keeping time
to every
sucker punch.

your hero
can't come
to the phone
right now.
leave your name
at the beep
and his girlfriend
will return
your call
when she gets back
from saving
the world.