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claim: Buffy/Faith


10 themes: Blocking*, Clean*, Red, Passion, Looking Down, Last Scene*, Happiness, Determined, Attraction, Blur*

*Blocking: Make use of blocking, with at least 2 blocks used. Here’s a couple of examples:
(daleksaresexy, longerthanwedo)

*Clean: Your icon should be “naked” so to speak. That means, no textures, stock images, fonts, gradients, etc. Just cropping and colouring is allowed.

*Last Scene: Icon the last scene involving your claim.

*Blur: Part of your icon should have a blurred look.

Make five icons transitioning from vibrant colours to more muted and/or desaturated colours to create a faded gradient look. You can include b&w if you wish.

examples all by fassy


+Please comment if you have thoughts.
+Please comment & credit if you take any.
+Thanks for checking out my icons! Enjoy! :)

10 Themes
Blocking Clean Red Passion Looking Down
Last Scene Happiness Determined Attraction Blur
5 Category |FADE AWAY
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5
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weeks 1,2,+3 | buffy: 42 things (1 graphic, 40 icons, 1 sig tag) | captain america: 31 things (23 icons, 4 fics (232w, 800w, 250w, 232w = 1,514w), 3 graphics, 1 sig tag) | castle: 18 things (15 icons, 2 fics (100w, 450w = 550w), 1 sig tag) | the flash: 14 things (14 icons) | lord of the rings: 16 things (16 icons) | once upon a time: 22 things (22 icons) // 143 things (4 graphics, 130 icons, 3 sig tags, 6 fics (232w, 800w, 250w, 232w, 100w, 450w = 2,064w))

and here we are on the home stretch :O


day sixteen | buffy

captain america (one way or another (818w))

lord of the rings (out there (graphic)*)
*also includes photos from other days

day seventeen | buffy

the flash (go team (graphic))

lord of the rings

day eighteen | buffy (my slayer (graphic))

captain america

castle (the fam (graphic)*)
*also includes photos from other days

church of lanie (graphic)

the flash (gotta run (graphic))

day nineteen once upon a time (of course not (graphic))

day twenty the flash

weeks 1,2,+3 | buffy: 42 things | captain america: 31 things | castle: 18 things | the flash: 14 things | lord of the rings: 16 things | once upon a time: 22 things

week 4 | buffy: +5 things | captain america: +3 things | castle: +2 things | the flash: +6 things | lord of the rings: +4 things | once upon a time: +1 thing

ALL WEEKS | buffy: 47 things | captain america: 34 things | castle: 20 things | the flash: 20 things | lord of the rings: 20 things | once upon a time: 23 things


the city needs her, the city made her, the city does not own her (poem about basically all the ladies that showed up in screencaps - idk the word count yet)

mcu ladies | "hold me down" (series of graphics, also includes screencaps from august rush but was not done specifically for august rush, just something I feel like sharing)