clarahow: (bullseye!kate)
51 total possible.
+5 points for each "Trick or Treat" task you complete.
+1 point for each number you assign to someone who needs one.
+1 for sigtag when submitting
(Keep track of your points! You can only earn a max of 51 points!)
Due Date October 31, 2015 at Midnight.
Submitting Please leave links to tasks completed and any numbers assigned in the submit thread in order to receive points for them! If you have any questions, please use the questions thread below.

1. #10 TREAT: Femtober Rec List {comment}
2. #1 TRICK: FemslashAgenda Brownie Points System Post {comment}
3. #3 TREAT: Sig Tag for [livejournal.com profile] kerkevik_2014 {comment}
4. #8 TREAT: Post the Next Five Songs from iTunes Shuffle. {comment}
5. #10 TRICK: Take photos of five things you love today and post them. {comment}
6. #2 TREAT: Make a team icon and share it with your team. {http://cards-wild.livejournal.com/48414.html?thread=5473566#t5473566">comment}
7. #1 TREAT: Make an aesthetic graphic/collage based off your personality/interests. {comment}
8. #2 TRICK: tell us about five celebrity crushes (old or new) {comment}

5 points x 8 = 40 points

to teaotter (x1) | to catberrry (x2) | to seraphina_snape (x3) | to adsullatta (x4) | to teaotter (x5) | to theladymorgan (x6) | to alorarose (x7) | to sanalith (x8)

1 point x 8 = 8 points