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Wow. I've been gone for SO LONG. (Just from LJ, really...I would have been on hiatus from Tumblr but naturally that never seems to work out....)

This should be my official 'hello again' post, since there are multiple things on this site I'd planned for doing this year haha and I'm gonna do my best to keep up.

I've done a couple [ profile] fan_flashworks challenges recently, but that's it, I think. I haven't done any graphics in a loong time, just writing. There are indeed bigger time constraints with school, since with the Independent Living program I'm in, I'm basically in school full time.

(Speaking of which, I've officially switched into the Associate's program track for my Early Childhood Ed degree!)

The following is more for me than anyone else, but hey, jsyk.

Starting now, I'm gonna go through my LJ inbox. I have as of this moment (2:49pm) 2970 unread messages.

Posts that I have read/hope to read will be deleted from my inbox and go to my memories so I can go back to them later. This will include fics, icon posts, and friends' personal updates.

Challenge reminders will stay in my inbox, at least until I make note enough of them that I'm sure I'll remember to do the thing.

I'll make a list of comms that I need to check in with and/or keep up on challenges for.

I'll update this post as I go along.

[ profile] 1_million_words (update word count)

[ profile] 1sentence (peggysous claim, beta)

[ profile] 100_women

[ profile] dove_drabbles (april prompt: go anywhere but home)

[ profile] fan_flashworks (update badge progress | challenge #151: wish)

[ profile] femslashbb (april challenge: fake relationships)

[ profile] flarrow_stills (challenge #45: catco (due 4.17))

[ profile] historamedy365

(inevitable | funny | superhero | devious | loyal | trio | text only | beautiful | crack ship | tears | endless cycle | secret | past | rainbow | dance | rich)

[ profile] wipbigbang

also Saturday (+Sunday) to-dos:

-sign up for [ profile] wipbigbang
-post whitney poetry to ao3

-continue sorting through clarascarters Tumblr likes
-continue reading WW book

-play mpq (daily deadpool | current mission)
-finish reading psych chapter nine
-make sure next week's schedule is correct
-reply to ao3 comments
-pick icon for cupcakeclara
-check email (mc | au | goucher | name)
-add MC to LJ profile
-officially ECE on facebook?

this coming week

-look through books for read-aloud ones (1+ english | 1+ spanish)
-pick article for review project

Sunday: battle couple Sunday

-beta for sga fic


-fics read 2016 list
-books read 2016 list
-read 'talking to kids about sex' book

-tw polyamory week (was march)

-take your fandom to work day (submission ends 6.1)

-lydia rarepair week (4.17-4.23)
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