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Hi, I don't really know people over here or anything, or how this works - I know it's similar to LJ but I've been off LJ a while too and DW seems quite unfamiliar. How do we move stuff over here from LJ? Is there a way to get things we posted in communities? I don't know much about how either of these networks work but I'd like to save my work at least.

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17/4/17 21:47 (UTC)
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Hey to help you to move entries from LJ to DW check this link to help you:

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17/4/17 21:49 (UTC)
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This post should help for some things.

Once you set up a journal on dreamwidth you can import your livejournal to there, but I don't think it's possible to import things posted to communities you don't own, so I'd advise downloading whatever you can find so you can re-post to your new journal.

Also, definitely claim your livejournal open i.d. - instructions for tat are in the post I gave you a link for.

Once your dreamwidth journal is set up, look at the top left, click on Home. On the Home page, hover over the Organise tap and go down the list until you find Import Content, then simply follow the instructions. There is a bit of a queue, but be patient, you'll get there in the end.

Good luck!

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17/4/17 22:12 (UTC)
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Thank you!! I did have a DW already because of some prompts and communities over there, so now I've been able to start the import process. There doesn't appear to be a way to import from anything else, but I suppose I can later try to do it with the community I created.

Are you moving? Also, do you know if we will need to delete everything from LJ after we move over (particularly slash and femslash)?