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everything else does too.....

so not only have my emotions (as always) been totes on the fritz, but apparently after i came home - had to get my dad to pick me up after class - on tuesday night, and finished off my ice cream, and watched another Daredevil, i went to sleep that night only to not only have two (at least) nightmares, and then not wake up at all, until about noon today. my back's been hurting to the point it makes it hard to stand or do anything, i can barely move, barely think straight (or, well, all that reasonably. straight's a shit word). i have an oral exam today and have to meet with my partner, missed the last couple days of november writing, not to mention living....i'm still physically shaking. still anxious as fuck. still have (possible tw/cw) my period, and cramps, and everything else with's even raining today. not nice rain, either. it's just plain icky.

i don't know what's going on with me. like, i could have sworn that being scared of everything and having next to no motivation and barely being able to sleep and feeling like shit all the time was bad enough but no? apparently my body doesn't know how to exist without fucking me over....
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