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Sharon Carter (ft. Peggy Carter & Others) Appreciation Works

Impetus : (Link to Comment Thread) "Seriously tho', my eternal gratitude if you ever get down to writing Peggy and Daniel balancing SSR/SHIELD with parenthood; Howling Commandos vs adorable baby!Sharon."

*currently, everything here was created with a Game of Cards challenge in mind and posted to that comm. there will be more, though.*

~Fic Description/Teaser~
Natasha/Sharon: All Talk (100w)

Sharon&/Steve: Complicated Title Sequence (700w)

{both set present day}

Fic Cover Type Thing (Tumblr Graphic Dimensions)

Alternate/Other (If you're checking this one out, too, tell me which you like best pretty please!)

*and, until the next addition*

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All Talk | T | 100w | MCU | Natasha Romanoff/Sharon Carter | (Possibly works w/ Civil War canon but IDK) | also for femslash100 challenge #466: Dead.

“No, really. What was it like, when you were a kid? I mean, you never knew your parents, the first thing you did after nursing school was hitchhike to Colombia, and you came back a decorated SHIELD agent as a Pretty Young Thing. You grew up right underneath the thick of it. Like Fury told you today after the funeral, your aunt’s legacy lives on, in you. It always has. But who are you?”

“You always have been a fabulous interrogator, Romanoff.”

“Not interrogating you, Carter. Just...trying to see beneath the badge.”

“Well, Romanoff, when you say it like that...”
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The 100: Clarke/Raven: Road Trip - prompted by [ profile] paperclipbitch
+ drabble cycle: kinks: 30A #25: temperature
Rated M | 250w | Pit Stop

Their post-graduation road trip goes a bit sour when Raven's car breaks down...but only a bit.

Raven strips off her jacket, grimacing as its sweat-soaked interior reluctantly leaves her skin; she drops it to the floor and kicks off her Doc Martens.

"If you'd let me drive, we wouldn't have had this problem," she asserts as Clarke joins her in the motel room.

"Oh, can it," Clarke pushes back, starting to strip. The unclipped halter of her jumper snaps and bounces forward over her chest, and Raven's confronted again with the frilly pink bra she'd chosen for the day's drive.

"It's not my fault your car hates me."

"Well, it's not like it's the car's fault, Clarke!"

Clarke scoffs.

"You know, if you'd dressed more appropriately, you wouldn't be so desperate to undress."

"I wouldn't bet on that," Raven smirks. "Besides, this is my outfit."

"Okay," Clarke pretends to accept the answer as she steps out of the shorts of her jumper and tosses the garment to the single bed in the center of the room. Apparently, her panties match her bra. That was so Clarke.

The bed creaks underneath Raven as she sits on its edge to take off her pants, but even laying down, the zipper isn't working for her. She grunts in forfeiture, but then feels a soft hand at her navel.

"Looks like you need a little help," Clarke murmurs.

"...I'm still mad you broke my fucking car."

"Still not my fault...but I'll meet you in the middle and make up for it."

Clarke undoes the zipper with a single yank.

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[ profile] writerverse phase #15 // challenge #11: weekly quick fic #4 //Use one (1) prompt to write one (1) min. 100-word fic/scene/screenplay/song lyrics/free-verse poem or one (1) haiku/tanka/structured poem OR use two (2) prompts to write one (1) min. 200-word fic/scene/screenplay/song lyrics/free-verse poem or two (2) haiku/tanka/structured poem.
This week’s prompts: understanding, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (from The Wizard of Oz), amber, threat, & dragons are among us.

the khaleesi's hunger

this queen has amber

skin, silver hair, lips that taste

sweet but are not kind.

her kisses, like her

dragons scorch the petals of

roses with steel thorns.

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Providence / Renew Your Vows / Shades of Gray / Raisin in the Sun / Ghostly Visitors / In the Ballpark / Broken Down / Super Glue / Layered Cake / Ran out of Time / To be a Man / On Hard Times / WILD CARD (writer's choice) / Spilled Milk / Ruined Forever / Love at First Sight / Testing the Limits / Restart My Heart / Snow White, Rose Red / Heavy Duty / Waking Dreams / Just a Kiss / Horrors of the Night / Literally / Speechless

[ran out of time]
My blood runs cold as
my heart of Snow, but I leave
fire in my wake.

[restart my heart]
If it is not in
battle that I die, I have
not yet died at all.

[waking dreams]
Perhaps this life is
naught but a nightmare that will
never end in me.

[horrors of the night]
fucking hell, sweet sleep
why do you elude me so?
please fucking stop it.

if I shall scream for
justice, dear Stranger, please let
it be my own voice.

[shades of grey]
there are many worlds
within this one where I live;
none of them are mine.

[ghostly visitors]
our castle is filled
with the ghosts of the
lives we had before.

[to be a man]
broken, beaten down,
and bent: who do I think I
am? I am a prince.

he looks me in the
eyes, says I am nobody.
wrong: I am no one.

[just a kiss]
just a kiss, I tell
myself, and I survive as
I begin to bleed.

what has been done is
unspeakable - that is why
I must never speak.

[testing the limits]
what has been done to
me is unspeakable, but
I will survive it.

[heavy duty]
I can see myself,
alive and well and fighting,
howling with the wolves.

[renew your vows]
noble house, house of
fallen glory, I am yours.
I shall boast my name.

[raisin in the sun]
there is the sun and
there are dragons. both will burn
you no matter what.

[in the ballpark]
the girl they want has
not been me for a long time.
they may have her yet.

[broken down]
Stitched together of
broken pieces and tears, I
know myself too well.

[super glue]
they may break my heart
and rip my dress, but they will
not take me apart.

[layered cake]
lemon and sugar
bitter against bloodied lips
I used to love sweets.

[on hard times]
we crash into the
snowdrift and live a life worse
than what we have known.

[wild card]
no one knows who or
where I am. I am No One,
watching from afar.

[spilled milk]
my world is ending,
but I do not cry. there are
less important things.

[ruined forever]
He has taken me
and bedded me, yet my heart
can never be his.

[love at first sight]
I should have stayed with
he who loved me when
I did not know love.

[Snow White, Rose Red]
the blood of Snow stains
snow with its Stark hue. Today,
the North remembers.
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just because I want them all in one place on here

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completed: 9 / 15

a/n: apparently the original links won't work for people who aren't members of [ profile] writerverse. I recommend checking it out ;) but all the drabbles are in spoiler cuts here.

ed. 6.24 2:45: I'm saying goodbye to the spoiler cuts because the formatting is getting really hinky.
the numbers are linked to the drabbles where they're originally posted as comment!fic on [ profile] writerverse. all drabbles in this post are underneath a single LJ-cut. The highest rating is an M+ (not quite explicit enough to be explicit but I'm tentative about the M rating)

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Providence Renew Your Vows Shades of Gray Raisin in the Sun Ghostly Visitors
In the Ballpark Broken Down Super Glue Layered Cake Ran out of Time
To be a Man On Hard Times WILD CARD
(writer's choice)
Spilled Milk Ruined Forever
Love at First Sight Testing the Limits Restart My Heart Snow White, Rose Red Heavy Duty
Waking Dreams Just a Kiss Horrors of the Night Literally Speechless

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