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-wonder how the hell it's already the 29th
-up and out the house in time
-set up tumblah queue 4 day
-classssss at one (ext. on paper!!!)
-read da book
-do da essays
-check most recents in lj inbox when shall i ever check all 400+ goddammit lj
-start on femslashagenda list of fills for the comment!fest
-reply to ao3 comments
-post next fill to ao3 from lj
-write something (am i counting essays in my wc? am i gon post that shit? it's life meta man idk)
-mentally prepare mahself for ant man yo
-look into backpack (kimmy backpack?)
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Sharon Carter (ft. Peggy Carter & Others) Appreciation Works

Impetus : (Link to Comment Thread) "Seriously tho', my eternal gratitude if you ever get down to writing Peggy and Daniel balancing SSR/SHIELD with parenthood; Howling Commandos vs adorable baby!Sharon."

*currently, everything here was created with a Game of Cards challenge in mind and posted to that comm. there will be more, though.*

~Fic Description/Teaser~
Natasha/Sharon: All Talk (100w)

Sharon&/Steve: Complicated Title Sequence (700w)

{both set present day}

Fic Cover Type Thing (Tumblr Graphic Dimensions)

Alternate/Other (If you're checking this one out, too, tell me which you like best pretty please!)

*and, until the next addition*

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Originally posted by [ profile] sireesanwar at Profile Layout #7: Divergent
Layout Style: Profile
Features: Side Images
Layout Width: 680px

Click Image to Preview
credit: [ profile] layout_lounge
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yes I'm doing a lot of challenges n shit but a lot of people have made requests and stuff so I'm going to try and keep them in one place so I remember I have these too. These aren't like, all the comments, just the ones that reference wanting more.

okay, I got to page 11 of my ao3 inbox. I'm bored of scanning and want to actually write things so I'm leaving this at this. yeesh people.

After the Lovin'

I would love to see them messing with the others, especially Thompson messing with them in return and Jarvis being Jarvis.

This story is PERFECT. Seriously. You have the character voices down perfectly, and Peggy is HILARIOUS. There is so much about this story that I love -- Peggy's perfectly voiced snark, the telephone ladies, Jarvis's reaction... fabulous. Will there be more?

all was golden in the sky / all was golden when the day met the night

PERFECTION. The world needs more Thompsinelli smut. SERIOUSLY. I thought I was the queen of Thompsinelli but you're way better tbh. More smut. Please.

art and pop culture and me

This is all sorts of adorable, oh my god. Will there be more? Please yes? Yes please? *puppy dog eyes*

Cherry Cadillac

I usually leave concrit, but I don't even have any. You should write more Faith/Buffy; immediately!

cold coffee

This is really good, I love your characterization of Angie. More, please!!!

Comin' From Wall to Wall

I really enjoyed this! Wished it was longer.

The Crowning Battle

Wow! That was sweet, can you please add another chapter to that one. To show the rest of the team who may not believe raina to see it happening please

The Elephant on the Plane

Excited to see where this goes!

I'd love to read about Skye and Ward's reactions to them finding out she's their future daughter! :)

I can barely wait for when she meets her parents, her father younger than he is on her own time and her mom looks the same, but both have that haunted look on their eyes.

I'd love to read about Skye and Ward's reactions to them finding out she's their future daughter! :)

hold me down in the siren lights

I love this, please continue it soon!

how not to get away with murder

I love this! I love modern setting cartousa fics and this didnt disappoint :) pleaaaase continue with this!

it's a shot in the dark, but we'll make it

This totally needs a sequel loved it.

Live Like This // Live With Ghosts

WHEEE I was so excited to see this! What an awesome crossover. And Maria/Sharon is one of my MCU rare-pair faves. <3
I love the tone of this fic. The backstory and history is so intense. I could read, like, 1,000 words of this! <3

Not A Pirate

Thank you so much for filling this. Thank you for saying you'll continue it. I'm just floored and buzzing with excitement.

nothing in the universe happens just once

woah, that was a rush and nothing even happened! this probably wasn't meant to be a short prologue to a whole asskicking 20k story, but it sure read as one! here's hoping...

Promised Land

Glad to see a new Ziva story from you. Please do write more.

serendipity (n.)

That was awesome! I'd like to see one with the roles reversed... I think that would be cool.

Some Unholy War

Wow. I would love 10000/words of this.

Think Twice (Before You Touch My Girl)

I really like the idea of Jack and Angie together and even more of Angie working for SSR on the side

Really like Angie and jack fanfics! Keep on shipping!

The Unbearable Aftermath of Being

would like to see more

Water Under the Bridge

I love this and kind of need more if you're willing to write it!
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Providence / Renew Your Vows / Shades of Gray / Raisin in the Sun / Ghostly Visitors / In the Ballpark / Broken Down / Super Glue / Layered Cake / Ran out of Time / To be a Man / On Hard Times / WILD CARD (writer's choice) / Spilled Milk / Ruined Forever / Love at First Sight / Testing the Limits / Restart My Heart / Snow White, Rose Red / Heavy Duty / Waking Dreams / Just a Kiss / Horrors of the Night / Literally / Speechless

[ran out of time]
My blood runs cold as
my heart of Snow, but I leave
fire in my wake.

[restart my heart]
If it is not in
battle that I die, I have
not yet died at all.

[waking dreams]
Perhaps this life is
naught but a nightmare that will
never end in me.

[horrors of the night]
fucking hell, sweet sleep
why do you elude me so?
please fucking stop it.

if I shall scream for
justice, dear Stranger, please let
it be my own voice.

[shades of grey]
there are many worlds
within this one where I live;
none of them are mine.

[ghostly visitors]
our castle is filled
with the ghosts of the
lives we had before.

[to be a man]
broken, beaten down,
and bent: who do I think I
am? I am a prince.

he looks me in the
eyes, says I am nobody.
wrong: I am no one.

[just a kiss]
just a kiss, I tell
myself, and I survive as
I begin to bleed.

what has been done is
unspeakable - that is why
I must never speak.

[testing the limits]
what has been done to
me is unspeakable, but
I will survive it.

[heavy duty]
I can see myself,
alive and well and fighting,
howling with the wolves.

[renew your vows]
noble house, house of
fallen glory, I am yours.
I shall boast my name.

[raisin in the sun]
there is the sun and
there are dragons. both will burn
you no matter what.

[in the ballpark]
the girl they want has
not been me for a long time.
they may have her yet.

[broken down]
Stitched together of
broken pieces and tears, I
know myself too well.

[super glue]
they may break my heart
and rip my dress, but they will
not take me apart.

[layered cake]
lemon and sugar
bitter against bloodied lips
I used to love sweets.

[on hard times]
we crash into the
snowdrift and live a life worse
than what we have known.

[wild card]
no one knows who or
where I am. I am No One,
watching from afar.

[spilled milk]
my world is ending,
but I do not cry. there are
less important things.

[ruined forever]
He has taken me
and bedded me, yet my heart
can never be his.

[love at first sight]
I should have stayed with
he who loved me when
I did not know love.

[Snow White, Rose Red]
the blood of Snow stains
snow with its Stark hue. Today,
the North remembers.
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[ profile] 1_million_words

A to Z Challenge

A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M

[ profile] 100_women

100-prompt table

29 / 100 // c. 6.24 @ 3:40pm

[ profile] 12_stories

Table Twelve (Song Titles B)

01.More Than
A Feeling.
02.Listen To
Your Heart.
03.I Won't Hold
You Back.
04.The Voice Within.
05.All By Myself. 06.I Believe
In You.
07.A Different Corner. 08.The Final
Count Down.
09.Could It
Be Magic?
10.Dancing With Tears
In My Eyes.
11.In Pictures. 12.Life Will Go On.


01.Alice/Bella (Twilight) 02.Alison/Lydia (Teen Wolf) 03.Anna/Ruby (Supernatural) 04.Arysn/Catastrophe (Taylor Swift/Bad Blood Music Video)
05.Buffy/Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 06.Carmilla/Danny/Laura (Carmilla) 07.Clara/Rose (Doctor Who) 08.Ginny/Luna (Harry Potter)
09.Jemma/Skye (Agents of SHIELD) 10.Jenny/Ziva (NCIS) 11.Laurel/Nyssa (Arrow) 12.Natasha/Wanda (The Avengers)

[ profile] mcufemslash

General Prompts Tables

Prompt Table A
01.Christmas 02.Forget 03.Ending 04.Real 05.Thoughts
06.Said 07.Beach 08.Show 09.Attempt 10.Alone
11.Take Me 12.Secrets 13.Slide 14.Fashion 15.Figures
16.Puzzle 17.Silence 18.Peaches 19.Progress 20.Empty
21.Crazy 22.Train 23.Portrait 24.Queen 25.Soul
26.Shame 27.Cough 28.Better Off 29.Pride 30.Blue

5 / 30

Prompt Table B
01. Apples to Oranges 02. Breathing 03. Just Enough
04. Heartbreaker 05. Independent 06. Something Else
07. Phone Call 08. Confessions 09. White Lie
10. Bang Bang 11. For Worse 12. Endless

1 / 12

Tropes/AUs Prompts Tables

Trope & AU Table A
01. Alpha/Beta/Omega 02. Baby/Kidfic 03. Coffee Shop
04. Fake Married/Dating 05. Fandom Fusion 06. Roadtrip
07. Sex Worker(s) 08. Soulmate Marks 09. Wingfic
10. Yearning/Oblivious 11. You Gotta Get Laid 12. Zombie Apocalypse

0 / 12

Trope & AU Table B
01. Apocalypse or Post-Apocalypse 02. Confessions Under the Influence
03. Drunk/Accidental/Forced Marriage 04. Everyone Thinks They're Dating
05. Highschool/College AU 06. Huddling for Warmth
07. Neighbors/Roommates/Dormmates 08. Playing Truth or Dare or Strip Poker
09. Tied Up Together or Stuck in Closet 10. Werewolves and/or Vampires

0 / 10

Kink Prompts Tables

Kink Table A
01. Backseat 02. Clothed Sex 03. Dirty Talking 04. Face-Sitting
05. Light Bondage 06. Multiple Orgasms 07. Orgasm Delay 08. Rimming
09. Shower Sex 10. Sex in Space 11. Strap-On 12. Three(/more)some

0 / 12

Kink Table B
01. Anal Sex 02. Ball-Gags 03. Begging 04. Hair Pulling 05. Masturbation
06. Pet Play 07. Public Sex 08. Spitting 09. Strip Tease 10. Tickling

0 / 10

Kink Table C
01. Candle Wax 02. Clit Torture 03. Collaring 04. Crossdress 05. Frottage
06. Ice/Heat Play 07. Marking 08. Roleplaying 09. Servicekink 10. Spanking

0 / 10

[ profile] ncis_drabble
all challenges open-ended

Filled Challenges // 7 / 443 c. 6.24 @ 3:40pm

#318: If Only...
#356: Something New
#436: Reminder
#437: Wrong
#438: Victory
#439: Free Day
#440: Inheritance

[ profile] writers_choice
all challenges open-ended

Filled Challenges // 2 / 616 c. 6.24 @ 3:40pm

#614: Hound
#615: Scissors

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-wake up ~8:20 (if abba can/does come in earlier get up earlier)
-bfast @ home, pack lunchbox
-getting up to go to post office @ rhode island ave. - opens @ 9
-head to ss after (einstein 4 part of lunch a/o2 home sandwich? need money)
-tresha @ 1
-take app 2 paper source (open 10-7)
-drop laptop, lunchbox, etc at home
-go to giant (update: since as i'm editing this i got the text from u abba, does 90$ 4 the week sound ok? groceries and then some 4 the rest of the week? oh and i found some useful things @ the paper source that's why i got them they're not needs exactly but proving so far beneficial 2 me)

-no alison bc she's on a trip but out by ten anyway ofc
-kathleen @ 1
-carmilla 2.3 up on yt @ 5:30

-wendt @ 6:30pm

-out by ten
-kathleen @ 1
(maybe go get salad again? kathleen suggested going to interesting place or place like barnes n noble but i already got things @ the paper source and if i go there i'll want to get a book so probs not smartest but i should probs go somewhere not starbucks 4 the 2hr gap)
-dr jenkins @ 4
-carmilla 2.4 up on yt @ 5:30
-make sure room and tv room and bathroom tidy enough 4 maid brigade

-out by ten, maid brigade
-find a different thing to do (visit & write @ gallery?)

-orphan black 3.9 @ 9 on bbca
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needs to be written today:
-yesterday's sawicki saturday
-cam week day one (why you love her)
-laurel week day seven (free day)
-1-million-words weekend challenge

-marvel bang
-ncis bang
-writerverse june bang
-melinda may week

add new works to fill page
-i'll probably have to do the agenda for the family meeting shit
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no actually lists are gr9 i love lists and i haven't had this in proper list form just in notes on my phone so here goes nothing

will be edited to add things.
first edit 6.5 @ 2:42pm

paid things
-babysitting: on listserv, will be writing email to send out w tresha
-paper source store (bethesda): have application, will be working on w tresha

the reward is the pride of a job well done and something to put on my resume
- Martha's Table: on email list, have volunteer login and can sign up for shifts (in the food sector) at will - need ID and fingerprints, etc. process (forms linked on m.t. site) for education program
-rock creek: haven't been able to figure from the site who I need to email yet about volunteering, will talk w tresha
-Ms. Ellie Music, "shir a song" classes at Adas Israel: start in October, official assistance not needed but observation is an option

other things
-Writer's Center workshops
The Real Deal (this Saturday, 10am-12:30pm, paid for)
Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Use Eroticism Effectively in Prose
Thu, 25 Jun, 2015 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (40$)
The Novella: New Kid on the Block?
Sat, 11 Jul, 2015 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
How to Write a Lot
Sat, 25 Jul, 2015 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

ROCK CREEK "LIKE A BIKE" CAMP (July 27-31) 5:30-8:30pm - 400$
"This refresher camp is tailor made for riders who used to ride regularly... but it's been a while. Ease back in with this low-key flat camp where all questions are fair game and all exercises will be approached gently. This camp is appropriate for students who warmly remember riding English at the walk, trot and canter."
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01.More Than
A Feeling.
02.Listen To
Your Heart.
03.I Won't Hold
You Back.
04.The Voice Within.
05.All By Myself. 06.I Believe
In You.
07.A Different Corner. 08.The Final
Count Down.
09.Could It
Be Magic?
10.Dancing With Tears
In My Eyes.
11.In Pictures. 12.Life Will Go On.


More Than a Feeling | Anna/Ruby

Listen to Your Heart | Jemma/Skye

I Won't Hold You Back | Laurel/Nyssa

The Voice Within | Arysn/Catastrophe

All By Myself | Clara/Rose

I Believe In You | Buffy/Faith

A Different Corner | Natasha/Wanda

The Final Count Down | Jenny/Ziva

Could It Be Magic? | Allison/Lydia

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes | Alice/Bella

In Pictures | Ginny/Luna

Life Will Go On | Carmilla/Danny/Laura
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(note: prompts not actually numbered)

[ original post & rules post ]

last updated: 6.24 6:30pm

total: 30 / 50 // 20 left for total blackout

Schmoop/Love (5x5 #1) 19 / 25

1. our song
2. against all odds { the chicken-egg conundrum // insolvent phantom of tomorrow }
3. moving in together { team effort }
4. surprise date { tastes even better than rhubarb pie }
5. return from deployment { walk away from the sun / come slowly undone }
6. serenade
7. first time { the boy to warm your mother's heart }
8. pen pals
9. dancing { code arrow }
10. drunk confessions { howlin' for you }
11. cuddling on the couch { owed an apology }
12. growing old together { the heart in the home }
13. hand holding { what's in a name? }
14. sharing food { not a date / no, a leap of faith }
15. cuddling { hello, lightness, my new friend }
16. first date
17. wedding planning { toast and cheese }
18. crushing on my bff { so hot / hot damn! }
19. valentine { who is the queen and things of that nature }
20. first vacation together { all you have to do is focus }
21. forgotten birthday/anniversary
22. sunset/sunrise { first light }
23. learning the curves { time will wait }
24. blind date
25. reunion { fell in love with the sound of the birds }

Teaching/Learning (5x5 #1) 11 / 25

1. first day { the food truck adventure }
2. Greek life { war of the five goddesses }
3. sports
4. dorm
5. new teacher { out of the woods }
6. finals
7. tutoring { pov of you and me }
8. school spirit
9. schedule
10. career plans { I wanna wake up where you are }
11. one-on-one { I might be dead inside / but you make me feel alive }
12. commuting
13. kid getting on school bus (pic prompt - see card)
14. state school
15. finals
16. conflict { nothing in the universe happens just once }
17. veteran teacher { family matters }
18. thesis
19. life lessons { don't need a parachute }
20. mascot
21. failing grade { cost-benefit analysis }
22. prereqs
23. grade school
24. substitute { normalcy is a lie }
25. marching band

5x5 Bingo
1 Line - Any line of five connected prompts, this can be vertical, horizontal or either of the diagonals.
Corners - All Four corner prompts on your card.
The Corner Belly Button - All Four Corner prompts of your card AND the free space of your choice.
The Cross - Middle prompts including free space of your choice.
Bingo Blackout - Complete all 25 prompt boxes of your card

Our Song Against All Odds Moving in Together Surprise Date Return from Deployment
Serenade First Time Pen Pals Dancing Drunk Confessions
Cuddling on the Couch Growing Old Together Hand Holding Sharing Food Cuddling
First Date Wedding Planning Crushing on my BFF Valentine First Vacation Together
Forgotten Birthday/Anniversary Sunset/Sunrise Learning the Curves Blind Date Reunion

first day Greek Life sports dorm new teacher
finals tutoring school spirit schedule career plans
one-on-one commuting *photo prompt* state school finals
conflict veteran teacher thesis life lessons mascot
failing grade prereqs grade school substitute marching band
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gif mostly bc spacing reasons glug glug woohoo
maybe i should change my theme ugh just another thing to do

[ profile] fan_flashworks

Author: [ profile] clarahow // agentroxylancelots // charleybradburies (will be posted after challenge)
Content Notes:
Author Notes:

[ profile] femslash100

Author: [ profile] clarahow // agentroxylancelots // charleybradburies
Prompt: #
Word count:

[ profile] slashthedrabble

Prompt: #
Author: [ profile] clarahow // agentroxylancelots // charleybradburies
Word Count:
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Carmilla Karnstein is a 335 year old vampire and a student at Silas University. She becomes Laura Hollis' roommate after Laura's previous roommate, Betty, goes missing in mysterious circumstances. 

Carmilla has a melancholic, sarcastic disposition; she is strong willed and often chooses to remain distant from people. She is a philosophy student and enjoys reading, although she does own a phone and has both a Twitter and Tumblr account, which she often uses to complain about Laura and her friends. Carmilla maintains a laid back, punk rock lifestyle, dressing almost entirely in black and wearing items like corsets and leather pants. As well as being messy and failing to clean up after herself, she seems to have a very loose conception of private property and ownership, happily taking possession of Betty's abandoned stuff, frequently eating her roommate's food and borrowing her things without permission. Despite this, Carmilla apparently has no difficulty making friends, she is invited to lots of parties and has an active social life.

Carmilla has demonstrated supernatural speed and strength as well as pyrokenisis. It has also been confirmed that she can turn into a "giant black cat".

Carmilla was born under the name Mircalla in Styria, a Dutchy of Austria in 1680. Her father was a Count and, as such, she lived a wealthy, privileged life. At the age of 18, she was murdered at a ball and subsequently resurrected as a vampire by her "mother", herself a vampire. They travelled together and frequently attended high society events at palaces and courts, returning to Styria only once every 20 years to enact a ritual at her mother's behest.

Carmilla, under the pretence of being the victim of abandonment or a carriage accident, would take shelter with the family of a young girl and befriend, and often seduce, her. After a time her mother would abduct the girl for her own unknown purposes and then they would move on. This cycle only changed in 1872 when Carmilla and Ell, one of her mother's intended victims, fell in love. She tried to orchestrate their escape, but her mother discovered the plan and revealed Carmilla's vampirism to Ell in a cruel fashion. Thinking Carmilla to be a monster, Ell rejected her, and was then abducted by Carmilla's mother.
As punishment for attempting to foil her mother's plan, Carmilla was sealed in a coffin filled with blood. She finally escaped during World War 2 when the explosives used during a battle disinterred her coffin and allowed her to walk on the surface of the earth once more. Carmilla only enjoyed a short period of freedom away from her mother before she was discovered in Paris during the 1950's. Lacking the heart to reinter her, her mother put her back to work, only this time at Silas University, where every 20 years Carmilla would be enrolled as a student and used as bait for her mother's ritual. Remembering Ell however, Carmilla waged a secret campaign of sabotage against her mother, doing her best to scare the intended victims away and attempting to learn what her mother really does with the girls she takes.
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-Update 1 million words word count post (updated as of 'dead inside')
-update word count sheet (updated as of 'dead inside')

-the real deal class
-laurel week (day 6, fave relationship)
-put clothes away
-theme song mix
-write up about alison
-list of volunteer opportunities for abba
-appt w tresha @ noon

-application for paper source
-finish comm search
-check email(s)
-entry in new positivity journal
-email alison

-add: ncis-bang, writerverse, all other new comms to writings post

-do an updates tab
-list of prompted pieces
-update fill page
-start plotting not prime time piece
-full list of unfilled comm prompts
-list of pastes for posting to comms
-list of unfilled requests
-room cleaning (focus on books)
-a to z challenge ficlets
-kink ficlets

-tons of other shit probably

-shower b4 bed
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Points 10 points for your original comment (if you reply to at least 4 questions). 3 points for comments to others (up to 10). +1 for sigtag. 41 total possible.
Due Date June 5, 2015 at Midnight.
Submitting You must link your comments in the submit thread to receive points for them.

#ONE / character
#TWO / friendship
#THREE / family
#FOUR / villians
#FIVE / ships
#SIX / action
#SEVEN / costumes
#EIGHT / quotes
#NINE / locations
#TEN / scenes

[ my original comment ]
my comments to others:

my answers:

Submission comment:
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Originally posted by [ profile] olivia_j at challenge directory ~ chronological
If you have any suggestions for future challenges, please feel free to leave them as a comment to this post!

chronological challenge listing )
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Originally posted by [ profile] olivia_j at challenge directory ~ alphabetical
If you have any suggestions for future challenges, please feel free to leave them as a comment to this post!

alphabetical challenge listing )
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Originally posted by [ profile] fresh_brainss at drabble cycle round 11 ~ kinks - NEW POST
Hey everyone! Since our Kinks Drabble Cycle is still up and running, and I cannot edit [ profile] olivia_j's previous post, I am making an exact replica of the old post here that I can edit with new claims and fills. From now on, if you want to make a claim, please do so on this post.

more details below the cut )
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Originally posted by [ profile] fresh_brainss at Challenge #460 - remainder week
Challenge #459 is over. Thank you to our challenge participants [ profile] yuri_onna, [ profile] temari778, [ profile] bella_farfalla, [ profile] clarahow, [ profile] write_x_always, and [ profile] swan_secrets.

Challenge #460 is our remainder week challenge since it is tenth challenge week. This means you can fill any previous prompts, with a special emphasis on prompts #451-#459, listed under the cut.

Standard comm rules apply to the weekly challenge - 100 - 250 words, any f/f pairing, any fandom. See the user info for complete rules. Also, please remember to tag your entries 'challenge460' as well as 'author: yourname', 'fandom: yourfandom' and, if applicable, 'crossover', and for this challenge, the corresponding remainder prompt as well. Happy writing!

Challenges #451-459 )


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