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Sharon Carter (ft. Peggy Carter & Others) Appreciation Works

Impetus : (Link to Comment Thread) "Seriously tho', my eternal gratitude if you ever get down to writing Peggy and Daniel balancing SSR/SHIELD with parenthood; Howling Commandos vs adorable baby!Sharon."

*currently, everything here was created with a Game of Cards challenge in mind and posted to that comm. there will be more, though.*

~Fic Description/Teaser~
Natasha/Sharon: All Talk (100w)

Sharon&/Steve: Complicated Title Sequence (700w)

{both set present day}

Fic Cover Type Thing (Tumblr Graphic Dimensions)

Alternate/Other (If you're checking this one out, too, tell me which you like best pretty please!)

*and, until the next addition*

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Originally posted by [ profile] shinysylver at 2015 Author Sign-ups!
We're open to any and all pairings here, and pretty much any idea sounds like a good one to us. These are the basic guidelines that you'll have to follow while writing, but pretty much anything else is a go:

-10,000 words is the minimum length for each story. There is no upper limit. Stories can be written with a partner or by a group; the minimum word count is still 10,000 words, no matter how many people are involved.

-Stories must have at least one beta reader. If you don't have a beta reader, check out the beta post and the find a partner! page to see if anyone there fits your needs.

-This challenge is for new stories. If your story has appeared online in its entirety, it's not eligible for [ profile] marvel_bang. You can complete a story you’ve already started posting as long as no more than 2,000 words have already been posted, and you don’t post any more until your posting date.

-Sequels are great! If you write a sequel to something you've written in the past, include a link to the original story in your author's notes, so people can read from the beginning if they haven't already.

-If you need some inspiration, check out the prompt post. Take the prompts as literally or as figuratively as you want - use part of one, use three or four, use half of one and half of another. It's entirely up to you.

-In order for your story to qualify for this challenge, you cannot post it anywhere online until the due date. On that day, you can post it wherever you'd like - Livejournal, Dreamwidth, AO3, Tumblr, your personal website, or anywhere else - and link to it here. Just don't put it up before the reveal. (Posting details will be given closer to that time.)

-Rough drafts are due on 26 August. A rough draft is a document with a beginning, middle, and end; it must be at least 80% complete (with the unfinished parts at least sketched out). It does not have to be beta read at this point. Stories must be completed and beta-read before posting starts on 19 October..

-You can sign up to write two stories for this challenge. These can be individual or group sign-ups. (To clarify, you can sign up twice by yourself, or once by yourself and once as part of a group, or twice as part of a group.) Just make sure to complete a separate sign-up for each story.

If you'd like to sign up as an author or an author group, fill out the form at Google Docs. Make sure you join and friend this community - all check-ins and reminders will come through here, so you'll have to watch us to stay informed. We'll send a confirmation email no more than 48 hours after we get your sign-up.

-We also are offering the option of doing tandem sign-ups where both the author and artist sign up to be partners from the beginning. If you are interested in this option, you can find more information here.

-Brand new this year, we are offering a solo sign-up option. This means that you sign up to write your story or create art using our timeline and posting in our comms, but you do not want to be paired with an artist or author. You'll get all the support without the stress of letting someone down if you don't finish on time. If you are interested in this option, you can find more information here.

Since we are doing sign-ups via Google Forms, we have turned off the comments on this post. If you have any questions please contact us at our Page-A-Mod page.

Sign ups close 16 May.
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Inspired by the Game of Cards Writing Challenge #29: A Conventional Approach, and by the OTPPrompts Prompt, "Imagine your OTP meeting their kid from the future. Bonus point if they’re not in a relationship yet."

This post most recently updated @ 11:45am EST 10.16.15.

All chapters, in chronological order:

Conventional Approach chapters
Chapters 5-10
Chapter 5 here.
Full work, including non-related chapters, here.

Elephant on the Plane Chapters
Themes from 100-prompts Table 30A
Full work here.
Chapter 1 // 30A #13 // Test
Chapter 2 // 30A #5 // Gloves
Chapter 3 // 30A #1 // Evidence
Chapter 4 // 30A #16 // Strawberries
Chapter 5 // 30A #11 // Superstition
Chapter 6 // 30A #22 // Blood
Chapter 7 // 30A #6 // Blackboard
Chapter 8 // 30A #25 // Search
Chapter 9 // 30A #14 // Tease
Chapter 10 // 30A #21 // Aloof
Chapter 11 // 30A #26 // Writer's Choice (#1)
Chapter 12 // 30A #7 // Muse
Chapter 13 // 30A #10 // Secret
Chapter 14 // 30A #12 // Fantasy
Chapter 15 // 30A #27 // Writer's Choice (#2)
Chapter 16 // 30A #9 // Clean
Chapter 17 // 30A #28 // Writer's Choice (#3)
Chapter 18 // 30A #17 // Weapon
Chapter 19 // 30A #20 // Cry
Chapter 20 // 30A #19 // Lost
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Originally posted by [ profile] clarahow at Fic: Not a Pirate (Maria/Pepper)
Title: Not a Pirate
Focus Characters/Ship(s): Maria/Pepper
Rating (and warnings): Rated T. No warnings.
Summary: Maria is annoyed about her new job.
Length: 100w.
Prompt: General Prompts B: 06: Something Else
Notes: Just a little vignette - a tie-in to a Cartinelli fic I wrote a while ago. Doctor Who/Space Pirates AU. Will be continued.

{ on ao3 here. }
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[ Read more about this whole thing here, if that suits your fancy. ]

Day One: Favorite Scene(s) / FFW #76: Question // Sugar & Spice
Pepper/Tony / rated T / 420w
It's not a stuffed animal. It's a promotion.

Day Two: Favorite Romantic Relationship(s) / FFW #2: Triangle // The Element of Surprise
Natasha/Pepper/Tony / rated M / 240w
Pepper Potts was, for the most part, predictable.

Day Three: Favorite Outfit/Hair/Makeup / FFW #88: Hot Water // No Rest for the Wicked
Natasha/Pepper / rated M / 754w
Natasha sometimes has trouble handling unprecedented situations, particularly where forgiveness is concerned.

Day Four: Favorite Platonic Relationship(s) / FFW #56: Entertaining // One for the Girls
Gen & Multifemslash / rated T / 625w
Girls' night in for the ladies of Stark Industries & SHIELD.

Day Five: Favorite Trait(s) / FFW #1: The Lost Hour // Breath of Fire and Fresh Air
Pepper/Tony / rated T / 870w
Sometimes history does it better the second time around.

Day Six: AU / FFW #16: Role Reversal // Knock Before Entering
Natasha/Pepper / rated T / 200w
Pepper knocks twice.

Day Seven: Free Day / FFW #91: Puzzles // Lover Lay Down
Natasha/Pepper / rated E / 250w
Some unexpected happenings are better than others.
sequel to No Rest for the Wicked