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Originally posted by [ profile] clarahow at Beta needed for Bellatrix/Pansy D/s One Shot
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Gen: Bellatrix/Pansy
Need Help With: not entirely sure, but possibly SPaG, coherence/flow, characterization, word choice...anything, really. all concrit or constructive commentary is welcome.
Deadlines?: (turnaround time; when do you need the fic beta'd by?) July 27 (already an extension from fest)
Warnings/Contains: Cross-Gen relationship (set at point in time at which both characters are legally adults (ie Pansy is 17), BDSM (Domme/sub relationship, sub referred to as pet and sl*t), would be dub-con if not in sub's POV, rough sex, domme-prompted begging, sub is almost literally f*cked senseless, intentional but minor injury to sub
Other Info: (any other information you'd like to let your beta know) my first work for the ship as well as with the either character as a work's main character. according to the fic is ~2250 words. fic would be shared via google docs.
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is it any good? i don't know tbh

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it's on tumblr here
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01.More Than
A Feeling.
02.Listen To
Your Heart.
03.I Won't Hold
You Back.
04.The Voice Within.
05.All By Myself. 06.I Believe
In You.
07.A Different Corner. 08.The Final
Count Down.
09.Could It
Be Magic?
10.Dancing With Tears
In My Eyes.
11.In Pictures. 12.Life Will Go On.


More Than a Feeling | Anna/Ruby

Listen to Your Heart | Jemma/Skye

I Won't Hold You Back | Laurel/Nyssa

The Voice Within | Arysn/Catastrophe

All By Myself | Clara/Rose

I Believe In You | Buffy/Faith

A Different Corner | Natasha/Wanda

The Final Count Down | Jenny/Ziva

Could It Be Magic? | Allison/Lydia

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes | Alice/Bella

In Pictures | Ginny/Luna

Life Will Go On | Carmilla/Danny/Laura