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-wonder how the hell it's already the 29th
-up and out the house in time
-set up tumblah queue 4 day
-classssss at one (ext. on paper!!!)
-read da book
-do da essays
-check most recents in lj inbox when shall i ever check all 400+ goddammit lj
-start on femslashagenda list of fills for the comment!fest
-reply to ao3 comments
-post next fill to ao3 from lj
-write something (am i counting essays in my wc? am i gon post that shit? it's life meta man idk)
-mentally prepare mahself for ant man yo
-look into backpack (kimmy backpack?)
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what is ethnography?

up-close and personal study of others' culture

James Spradley (1980) : "the work of describing a culture"

participant observation involves:
establishing rapport in a new community
learn to act so that people go about their as usual when you show up
removing yourself from everyday cultural immersion so you intellectualize what you've learned, put it into perspective, and write about it convincingly (not become nativized)
direct first-hand observation of daily behavior
(ex. ritual cannibalism - human sacrifice, offerings to deities never wasted)
key informant/consultant
in-depth interview (life history)
discover people's beliefs
emic (try to understand anything and everything from participant perspective, simple questioning, no cross-checking, non-scientific) and etic (cross-checking, in-depth) approaches
learning local language
open-ended and closed questions
"What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?"

language and culture

semantic universality
characteristic that distinguishes the human use of speech from animal communication
fundamental features of human languages that make semantic universality a thing:
-productivity : competency within a given language enable a speaker to generate an infinite number of messages about an unlimited range of subjects, create ever-new messages and to infinitely elaborate on the details of previous utterances
-displacement : capacity of language to refer beyond the immediate situation of the speaker and to communicate information about displaced domains such as the distant past, imaginary events, hypothetical occurrences, future events, etc - animal vocalization remains strictly tied to immediate environmental stimuli
-arbitrariness : connection between sounds and their meanings are nearly always an arbitrary relationship

branch of linguistics is concerned with how people use language in real-life interaction
the ways in which people speak to each other can reveal underlying attitudes and beliefs about identity, gender relations, social status and class position
dialects may be used to create and maintain social boundaries between social groups and regions
use in stratified societies
all elements (including language) are subject to change and evolution
all languages develop and change historically

code switching (between languages)


Thomas Malthus (1766-1834)
founder of demography, science of population study

level of population is determined by the amount of food produced

predicted that population would rise much faster than any increase in productivity/food supply, therefore humanity would be doomed to hunger and misery {Malthusian theory} (erroneous)
-failed to understand the relationship between population growth and the intensification and diversification of food production
the issue is distribution, not production
-population pressure provides motivation to overcome limits by adopting new modes of production through technological innovation and intensification
-many preindustrial societies maintain their level of production well below carrying capacity (def. upper limit of energy production)
-colonialism is main reason for poverty

mode of food production is a basic part of any society's infrastructure

five major modes of production:
hunting and gathering/foraging (only mode used by humans until about 12k years ago, supports small band societies (25-40) but not large groups) | horticulture | pastoralism | agriculture with irrigation and use use of plow | industrial agriculture // (can support increasingly high populations)

"the point of diminishing returns"
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everything just keeps happening so much

*insert agenda here*


{1-4:10pm} anth 110 @ 303 mary graydon center


{9:20am} must be out of house
{10am} meeting with alison

{1-2pm} meeting with kathleen

{3:30pm} meeting with claire


{1-4:10pm} anth 110 @ 303 mary graydon center

{6:30-8pm} (possibly) group @ wendt center


{10am} must be out of house

{1-2pm} meeting with kathleen


{idk} hella studying

packing list

-bag, obviously
-my brain, also obviously
-CHARGED laptop
-laptop charger
-CHARGED phone
-phone charge cord
-anthro books
-card purse
-house key lanyard
-at least one pen
-'civil war' novel


-make packing list
-make positive playlist
-set up meds
-evaluate what bag will be most reasonable to take
-tell sarah info abt my new smartrip so that she can register it and put the auto-reload on it t.g.f.s. (thank God for Sarah)

-sketch up study schedule
-get room back to level of cleanness it was a couple of weeks ago and then press on

-lost w/ lunchbox: goucher water bottle, some food, lanyard for & with smartrip card,
-thinking of getting: actual wallet, fabric ots bag, smaller bag to keep school supplies together, reusable snack baggie & sandwich baggie

also saw snack and sandwich bags (but I didn't have those before even though I've been thinking they'd be nice, I'm putting them here for reference mostly abba you don't have to get them)
for the water bottle, I'm thinking of replacing it at least for the time being with one from AU
I haven't looked up the other stuff

past week pros & cons

-I want to sleeeeeeep and the universe and my brain chemistry are conspiring to make that very difficult

-I made it through the week

-my body is achy right now and that's weird and not fun

-CeCe's birthday dinner was fun, although it was kind of hard to stay social even though I wanted to and (renfrew thing) I'd verbally given myself permission to eat freely and feel okay with it. having to go to the bathroom was really uncomfortable. they have a cute bathroom though. it was good seeing CeCe and knowing she's feeling somewhat better, and getting to feel like we really were a family out to dinner rather than things being more awkward.

-I still feel kind of low and tired but not as much as I had last week.

-Before going to AU I freaked out a little since I was anxious about going there and getting help...but I liked it there. I missed the first N2 bus so I got an ice cream and a drink at 7-11 and waited at the bus stop for the twenty or so minutes until the next one.

-when even was Father's Day? well, it doesn't matter because I'm still VERY EXCITED ABOUT YOU KNOW WHAT which is part of why I've been less down because it's very hard to feel down when I remind myself THAT I AM GOING TO A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT IN HER BIGGEST TOUR AND MOST FABULOUS ERA AND IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING AND I AM GOING TO LOVE THAT DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

-I've been writing more poetry, my word count has fallen from its usual pace but I'm stretching muscles that have been doing less work recently and it's nice.

-The Mystery workshop was great! A lot of specifics I didn't know.

-The storm scared the dickens out of me. and soaked me.

-I didn't think to wait it out and called you for help and then it started abating soon after.

more to come, probably.
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-know what building my class (anth 110: D01 : Kannan Nambiar) is in
-figure out how & practice getting there & calculate travel time
-purchase books
-figure out what bag/backpack i have that reasonably holds TEXTBOOKS along with other things
-list of what I need to bring w/ me always
-get au id
-make travel & study playlists of chill songs
-put au email on phone & ipad
-list of au-offered resources
-master schedule