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Originally posted by [ profile] everythingshiny at Challenge 04: The Ace
Challenge 04: The Ace

Description Complete fanworks for the prompt: Ace. (one, first, etc) This is the first in a series of card themed challenges :) You can take this prompt any way you want including fanworks with 1 person/character in them, the first fandom you got into, an asexual character or meta on why a character is be ace, or using the trope "the ace" (The Ace is someone who is ridiculously good at what they do, whatever that happens to be, and everyone knows it.)

5 points equals 5-10 minutes or:
- picspam (4 caps or more) or tumblr graphic (visible editing)
- icons (x2 simple or x1 complex)
- words (100)
- something else not mentioned here!

Points up to 40 points (eg 4-8 icons)
Due Date 18th July
Submitting Submit here, to this post. If you have any questions please ask in the “questions thread” below.
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Originally posted by [ profile] hogwarts365_mod at HOGWARTS365 PROMPT 95 - Due on or before July 11, 2015

...Welcome to [ profile] hogwarts365!
   We hope you'll share some awesome words with us!

Prompt #95 - There are three prompts provided. Pick any, pick all, mix them up, keep it slashy! Keep it 365 words! ♥

  1. “Music gives color to the air of the moment.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

  2. Absinthe

  3. Scooter

Any rating, any genre. SLASH or Femmeslash. Mix it with other prompts from other communities if you have to!

Thanks for playing. You must be a member to post your stories.
More rules can be found here.

You're always allowed to go back to the OLD prompts and write for them!
If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them!

We only survive on prompt ideas that YOU give us.... so feel free to add more: PROMPT DUMP! - Give us Ideas!
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everything just keeps happening so much

*insert agenda here*


{1-4:10pm} anth 110 @ 303 mary graydon center


{9:20am} must be out of house
{10am} meeting with alison

{1-2pm} meeting with kathleen

{3:30pm} meeting with claire


{1-4:10pm} anth 110 @ 303 mary graydon center

{6:30-8pm} (possibly) group @ wendt center


{10am} must be out of house

{1-2pm} meeting with kathleen


{idk} hella studying

packing list

-bag, obviously
-my brain, also obviously
-CHARGED laptop
-laptop charger
-CHARGED phone
-phone charge cord
-anthro books
-card purse
-house key lanyard
-at least one pen
-'civil war' novel


-make packing list
-make positive playlist
-set up meds
-evaluate what bag will be most reasonable to take
-tell sarah info abt my new smartrip so that she can register it and put the auto-reload on it t.g.f.s. (thank God for Sarah)

-sketch up study schedule
-get room back to level of cleanness it was a couple of weeks ago and then press on

-lost w/ lunchbox: goucher water bottle, some food, lanyard for & with smartrip card,
-thinking of getting: actual wallet, fabric ots bag, smaller bag to keep school supplies together, reusable snack baggie & sandwich baggie

also saw snack and sandwich bags (but I didn't have those before even though I've been thinking they'd be nice, I'm putting them here for reference mostly abba you don't have to get them)
for the water bottle, I'm thinking of replacing it at least for the time being with one from AU
I haven't looked up the other stuff

past week pros & cons

-I want to sleeeeeeep and the universe and my brain chemistry are conspiring to make that very difficult

-I made it through the week

-my body is achy right now and that's weird and not fun

-CeCe's birthday dinner was fun, although it was kind of hard to stay social even though I wanted to and (renfrew thing) I'd verbally given myself permission to eat freely and feel okay with it. having to go to the bathroom was really uncomfortable. they have a cute bathroom though. it was good seeing CeCe and knowing she's feeling somewhat better, and getting to feel like we really were a family out to dinner rather than things being more awkward.

-I still feel kind of low and tired but not as much as I had last week.

-Before going to AU I freaked out a little since I was anxious about going there and getting help...but I liked it there. I missed the first N2 bus so I got an ice cream and a drink at 7-11 and waited at the bus stop for the twenty or so minutes until the next one.

-when even was Father's Day? well, it doesn't matter because I'm still VERY EXCITED ABOUT YOU KNOW WHAT which is part of why I've been less down because it's very hard to feel down when I remind myself THAT I AM GOING TO A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT IN HER BIGGEST TOUR AND MOST FABULOUS ERA AND IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING AND I AM GOING TO LOVE THAT DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

-I've been writing more poetry, my word count has fallen from its usual pace but I'm stretching muscles that have been doing less work recently and it's nice.

-The Mystery workshop was great! A lot of specifics I didn't know.

-The storm scared the dickens out of me. and soaked me.

-I didn't think to wait it out and called you for help and then it started abating soon after.

more to come, probably.
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[ profile] 1_million_words Weekend Challenge: Matchmaker
due midnight

at least one of those couple - Felix/Sarah, Cersei/Myrcella, Jenny/Delilah - in a fic with at least 200 words OR a graphic.

going to bed. (well, actually, to get my meds and a 1:30am-snack, and then to bed. don't tell my parents.) will add to this later.

1-million-words Monthly Challenge: Bingo
due midnight 6.30

[ profile] fan_flashworks: challenge #123: amnesty
ends 7.1 @7pm

[ profile] femslash100: #464: hunger
due ~midnight

[ profile] femslashbb: landscapes
due 6.30

[ profile] ncis_drabble: challenge #443: dark
due 6.29

[ profile] not_primetime: due 7.3

[ profile] slashthedrabble: #364: Past Prompts Revisited
due 7.1

[ profile] tw100: #349: banana
due ~midnight

[ profile] writerverse: challenge #2: big bang
due 6.30

[ profile] writerverse: challenge #3: june bingo
due 7.1

[ profile] writerverse: challenge #14: weekly quick fic #5
due 7.4


[ profile] hermione_smut: 10.31

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[ profile] 1_million_words

A to Z Challenge

A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M

[ profile] 100_women

100-prompt table

29 / 100 // c. 6.24 @ 3:40pm

[ profile] 12_stories

Table Twelve (Song Titles B)

01.More Than
A Feeling.
02.Listen To
Your Heart.
03.I Won't Hold
You Back.
04.The Voice Within.
05.All By Myself. 06.I Believe
In You.
07.A Different Corner. 08.The Final
Count Down.
09.Could It
Be Magic?
10.Dancing With Tears
In My Eyes.
11.In Pictures. 12.Life Will Go On.


01.Alice/Bella (Twilight) 02.Alison/Lydia (Teen Wolf) 03.Anna/Ruby (Supernatural) 04.Arysn/Catastrophe (Taylor Swift/Bad Blood Music Video)
05.Buffy/Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 06.Carmilla/Danny/Laura (Carmilla) 07.Clara/Rose (Doctor Who) 08.Ginny/Luna (Harry Potter)
09.Jemma/Skye (Agents of SHIELD) 10.Jenny/Ziva (NCIS) 11.Laurel/Nyssa (Arrow) 12.Natasha/Wanda (The Avengers)

[ profile] mcufemslash

General Prompts Tables

Prompt Table A
01.Christmas 02.Forget 03.Ending 04.Real 05.Thoughts
06.Said 07.Beach 08.Show 09.Attempt 10.Alone
11.Take Me 12.Secrets 13.Slide 14.Fashion 15.Figures
16.Puzzle 17.Silence 18.Peaches 19.Progress 20.Empty
21.Crazy 22.Train 23.Portrait 24.Queen 25.Soul
26.Shame 27.Cough 28.Better Off 29.Pride 30.Blue

5 / 30

Prompt Table B
01. Apples to Oranges 02. Breathing 03. Just Enough
04. Heartbreaker 05. Independent 06. Something Else
07. Phone Call 08. Confessions 09. White Lie
10. Bang Bang 11. For Worse 12. Endless

1 / 12

Tropes/AUs Prompts Tables

Trope & AU Table A
01. Alpha/Beta/Omega 02. Baby/Kidfic 03. Coffee Shop
04. Fake Married/Dating 05. Fandom Fusion 06. Roadtrip
07. Sex Worker(s) 08. Soulmate Marks 09. Wingfic
10. Yearning/Oblivious 11. You Gotta Get Laid 12. Zombie Apocalypse

0 / 12

Trope & AU Table B
01. Apocalypse or Post-Apocalypse 02. Confessions Under the Influence
03. Drunk/Accidental/Forced Marriage 04. Everyone Thinks They're Dating
05. Highschool/College AU 06. Huddling for Warmth
07. Neighbors/Roommates/Dormmates 08. Playing Truth or Dare or Strip Poker
09. Tied Up Together or Stuck in Closet 10. Werewolves and/or Vampires

0 / 10

Kink Prompts Tables

Kink Table A
01. Backseat 02. Clothed Sex 03. Dirty Talking 04. Face-Sitting
05. Light Bondage 06. Multiple Orgasms 07. Orgasm Delay 08. Rimming
09. Shower Sex 10. Sex in Space 11. Strap-On 12. Three(/more)some

0 / 12

Kink Table B
01. Anal Sex 02. Ball-Gags 03. Begging 04. Hair Pulling 05. Masturbation
06. Pet Play 07. Public Sex 08. Spitting 09. Strip Tease 10. Tickling

0 / 10

Kink Table C
01. Candle Wax 02. Clit Torture 03. Collaring 04. Crossdress 05. Frottage
06. Ice/Heat Play 07. Marking 08. Roleplaying 09. Servicekink 10. Spanking

0 / 10

[ profile] ncis_drabble
all challenges open-ended

Filled Challenges // 7 / 443 c. 6.24 @ 3:40pm

#318: If Only...
#356: Something New
#436: Reminder
#437: Wrong
#438: Victory
#439: Free Day
#440: Inheritance

[ profile] writers_choice
all challenges open-ended

Filled Challenges // 2 / 616 c. 6.24 @ 3:40pm

#614: Hound
#615: Scissors

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completed: 9 / 15

a/n: apparently the original links won't work for people who aren't members of [ profile] writerverse. I recommend checking it out ;) but all the drabbles are in spoiler cuts here.

ed. 6.24 2:45: I'm saying goodbye to the spoiler cuts because the formatting is getting really hinky.
the numbers are linked to the drabbles where they're originally posted as comment!fic on [ profile] writerverse. all drabbles in this post are underneath a single LJ-cut. The highest rating is an M+ (not quite explicit enough to be explicit but I'm tentative about the M rating)

Read more... )
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Business as usual, I typed way too much in a comment box where I was answering questions. SO, it's here. I am leaving some of it in a comment on the [ profile] 1_million_words post, but this (under the vid + gif) is the full thing that I typed up, verbatim and only slightly edited because I have other things to write and don't feel like stressing myself out about an intro post esp bc almost nowhere on my main blog aka my tumblr do I gaf.

Note: I'm not technically listening to music, I'm playing my Marvel fanvideo playlist on YouTube and this amazeballs video is in the background rn.

*insert fun bones gif because I feel like it*


What is your favorite fandom(s)?
Oh, Lord, I don't know. Um, currently, maybe Agent Carter? There are sooo many.
I'll give honorable mentions to TAYLOR SWIFT, Carmilla, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, Marvel as a whole, NCIS, Orphan Black, Bones, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and ASOIAF...and others. I'm shit at tagging and don't even have a page for it yet but if you want to get an idea you can follow any of the links to my blog around this place.

Who are your favorite characters?
In Agent Carter? Peggy, Daniel, and Angie. And Jarvis. And Rose. And Dottie. And Jack. And I'm gonna stop now.

How did you find out about 1_million_words?
I...don't remember. I feel like it was when I found the [ profile] landcommaddicts comm and there was a post for it but that may not be true.

What is the significance of your penname (if any)? How did you come up with it?
LJ username (clarahow): Clara Oswald who is my twin and my baby. When Clara was first introduced (and actually I still use it) I tagged her as 'clara who' because we didn't really know who she was or where she was from and there were multiple names for her and i wanted not to confuse myself by trying to tag with one or more of them. But now, we're still twins, but we as a fandom have a better idea of who she is. But how she is who she is? Less so. Also it's just me being existential and shit.

ao3 username (charleybradburies): This was my tumblr url for ages. One of my absolute fave characters from Supernatural is Charlie Bradbury; and when I made a tumblr, because one of my middle names is Charlotte, I started going by Charley online - because I didn't want to give my 'real' name and because I wanted to be clever. I really do like the username though.

tumblr url (agentroxylancelots): Because I'm in love with and rather like the amazing Kingsman Agent Roxy aka Lancelot. That's p much self explanatory.

actual name (E.J.): Gonna tell y'all something I don't tell that many people cause this comm is special and awesome. These are the initials of my first and primary middle names; they stand for Elisabeth Joy, in short because my parents are sentimental dorks. However, virtually no one ever gets my first name right, so I've basically had a two-decade-long identity crisis about it. It's been the cause of low self-esteem (cause if you care about someone, you should care enough to spell their name right, right?) and other unsavory shit. So, as an (almost) adult (I chose it a couple years ago) I decided that I wasn't even gonna bother. Also, I'm nonbinary, and Elisabeth is like really feminine. AND even though the name Joy is feminine too I find it a really important trait and want to emulate that and keep it close to me, so having it in my name reminds me of that.

Do you write, make graphics, or both?
I write. I write like hell. I've made a couple graphic things, though, even though I don't find them particularly good. And for a while in high school I was really into making Harry Potter fanvideos. But mostly, write. All the time, anywhere, etc. I've been more into fanfiction in recent years, but prose, meta analysis, original fiction, and lots of poetry have also flowed from me at various intervals.

What, generally speaking, do you do in your real life?
Write. Like, really. But I'm an elementary education major in progress. Currently (well, in like a week) I'm taking an anthropology class at American University.

What phrase do you use the most? (In real life or in your works.)
There are probably a bunch that I use a lot, but for some reason I feel like informing you guys that I pray a lot. Like, a lot. As in, before every meal and every time I hear a siren kind of thing. I'm also just very openly loving. Anyway, the point is I say "God bless you" or some variation thereof like all the time.

What is your favorite book?
What kind of at the moment, maybe Marvel's Civil War novel.

What would you name your autobiography?
#sorrynotsorry. just like my blog title. because it describes my life quite accurately. or something along those lines.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Take the picture!

If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. because reasons.

What's your favorite quote/saying?
My goodness, so many. Hmm. I nominate Taylor Swift as the primary speaker of those quotes BUT since I talked about my name earlier in this post, I'll give you Det. Kate Beckett's amazing: "even on the worst days, there's a possibility for joy."
Which yes, is the scene and quote in the icon I used for this comment.

What is your least favorite word?
Excuse you, I love all words!!! Maybe like, meninist or dub-con, or something along those lines.

What's the strangest talent you have?
Messin' shit up on the daily, probably.

What is your favorite midnight snack?
Nutella toast.

What color is your aura?
PURPLE. Like a nice light purple. Purple like this purple:

This is my tumblr icon, which a lovely friend made for me. I told him the shade, which was the same shade as my blog at the time, but I don't actually remember the hex code anymore.

What is your pet peeve(s)?
Hmm. I have a bunch...a major one is people crossing the street irresponsibly.
(Like, I was raised to wait for eye contact and a confirmation of right of way from a driver and/or the walk signs. And I still do that. There are streets I cross multiple days a week that have really long light cycles and I still stand and wait for the light to come on. And so many people will just rush - or meander - across when the 'don't walk' sign is still up and I just, no. You are an adult. I get that acting like one can be hard, but this is a simple thing that can literally save your life. And when they're guiding kids across? They're teaching those kids not to give a damn about their own safety and the safety of others. So not cool by me.)

What is always guaranteed to put a smile on your face?
Small children, 500%. Unless they're like, really sad. But even then. I wave at / make eyes at / talk to every single small children I see (occupational hazard, lmao) and it makes me a little happier when they notice me and then if they get even a little happier I'm a beam of sunshine again.

*insert another fun bones gif also because I feel like it and additionally because I need to properly end this entry rather than just leaving it at that*


*thanks for reading if you have!*
*God bless + xoxo*
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Providence Renew Your Vows Shades of Gray Raisin in the Sun Ghostly Visitors
In the Ballpark Broken Down Super Glue Layered Cake Ran out of Time
To be a Man On Hard Times WILD CARD
(writer's choice)
Spilled Milk Ruined Forever
Love at First Sight Testing the Limits Restart My Heart Snow White, Rose Red Heavy Duty
Waking Dreams Just a Kiss Horrors of the Night Literally Speechless

0 / 25


15/6/15 20:18
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-castor week day 1
-castor week day 2
-castor week day 3
-melinda week day 2
-character spotlight
-small fandom fest
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-know what building my class (anth 110: D01 : Kannan Nambiar) is in
-figure out how & practice getting there & calculate travel time
-purchase books
-figure out what bag/backpack i have that reasonably holds TEXTBOOKS along with other things
-list of what I need to bring w/ me always
-get au id
-make travel & study playlists of chill songs
-put au email on phone & ipad
-list of au-offered resources
-master schedule
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-cam week day 7
-comic drabble (sailing)
-who drabble (conversation)
-who one shot (classics)
-"finally we meet" #3
-sawicki sat
-weekend challenge - bingo fic
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-wake up ~8:20 (if abba can/does come in earlier get up earlier)
-bfast @ home, pack lunchbox
-getting up to go to post office @ rhode island ave. - opens @ 9
-head to ss after (einstein 4 part of lunch a/o2 home sandwich? need money)
-tresha @ 1
-take app 2 paper source (open 10-7)
-drop laptop, lunchbox, etc at home
-go to giant (update: since as i'm editing this i got the text from u abba, does 90$ 4 the week sound ok? groceries and then some 4 the rest of the week? oh and i found some useful things @ the paper source that's why i got them they're not needs exactly but proving so far beneficial 2 me)

-no alison bc she's on a trip but out by ten anyway ofc
-kathleen @ 1
-carmilla 2.3 up on yt @ 5:30

-wendt @ 6:30pm

-out by ten
-kathleen @ 1
(maybe go get salad again? kathleen suggested going to interesting place or place like barnes n noble but i already got things @ the paper source and if i go there i'll want to get a book so probs not smartest but i should probs go somewhere not starbucks 4 the 2hr gap)
-dr jenkins @ 4
-carmilla 2.4 up on yt @ 5:30
-make sure room and tv room and bathroom tidy enough 4 maid brigade

-out by ten, maid brigade
-find a different thing to do (visit & write @ gallery?)

-orphan black 3.9 @ 9 on bbca
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needs to be written today:
-yesterday's sawicki saturday
-cam week day one (why you love her)
-laurel week day seven (free day)
-1-million-words weekend challenge

-marvel bang
-ncis bang
-writerverse june bang
-melinda may week

add new works to fill page
-i'll probably have to do the agenda for the family meeting shit
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no actually lists are gr9 i love lists and i haven't had this in proper list form just in notes on my phone so here goes nothing

will be edited to add things.
first edit 6.5 @ 2:42pm

paid things
-babysitting: on listserv, will be writing email to send out w tresha
-paper source store (bethesda): have application, will be working on w tresha

the reward is the pride of a job well done and something to put on my resume
- Martha's Table: on email list, have volunteer login and can sign up for shifts (in the food sector) at will - need ID and fingerprints, etc. process (forms linked on m.t. site) for education program
-rock creek: haven't been able to figure from the site who I need to email yet about volunteering, will talk w tresha
-Ms. Ellie Music, "shir a song" classes at Adas Israel: start in October, official assistance not needed but observation is an option

other things
-Writer's Center workshops
The Real Deal (this Saturday, 10am-12:30pm, paid for)
Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Use Eroticism Effectively in Prose
Thu, 25 Jun, 2015 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (40$)
The Novella: New Kid on the Block?
Sat, 11 Jul, 2015 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
How to Write a Lot
Sat, 25 Jul, 2015 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

ROCK CREEK "LIKE A BIKE" CAMP (July 27-31) 5:30-8:30pm - 400$
"This refresher camp is tailor made for riders who used to ride regularly... but it's been a while. Ease back in with this low-key flat camp where all questions are fair game and all exercises will be approached gently. This camp is appropriate for students who warmly remember riding English at the walk, trot and canter."
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01.More Than
A Feeling.
02.Listen To
Your Heart.
03.I Won't Hold
You Back.
04.The Voice Within.
05.All By Myself. 06.I Believe
In You.
07.A Different Corner. 08.The Final
Count Down.
09.Could It
Be Magic?
10.Dancing With Tears
In My Eyes.
11.In Pictures. 12.Life Will Go On.


More Than a Feeling | Anna/Ruby

Listen to Your Heart | Jemma/Skye

I Won't Hold You Back | Laurel/Nyssa

The Voice Within | Arysn/Catastrophe

All By Myself | Clara/Rose

I Believe In You | Buffy/Faith

A Different Corner | Natasha/Wanda

The Final Count Down | Jenny/Ziva

Could It Be Magic? | Allison/Lydia

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes | Alice/Bella

In Pictures | Ginny/Luna

Life Will Go On | Carmilla/Danny/Laura
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(note: prompts not actually numbered)

[ original post & rules post ]

last updated: 6.24 6:30pm

total: 30 / 50 // 20 left for total blackout

Schmoop/Love (5x5 #1) 19 / 25

1. our song
2. against all odds { the chicken-egg conundrum // insolvent phantom of tomorrow }
3. moving in together { team effort }
4. surprise date { tastes even better than rhubarb pie }
5. return from deployment { walk away from the sun / come slowly undone }
6. serenade
7. first time { the boy to warm your mother's heart }
8. pen pals
9. dancing { code arrow }
10. drunk confessions { howlin' for you }
11. cuddling on the couch { owed an apology }
12. growing old together { the heart in the home }
13. hand holding { what's in a name? }
14. sharing food { not a date / no, a leap of faith }
15. cuddling { hello, lightness, my new friend }
16. first date
17. wedding planning { toast and cheese }
18. crushing on my bff { so hot / hot damn! }
19. valentine { who is the queen and things of that nature }
20. first vacation together { all you have to do is focus }
21. forgotten birthday/anniversary
22. sunset/sunrise { first light }
23. learning the curves { time will wait }
24. blind date
25. reunion { fell in love with the sound of the birds }

Teaching/Learning (5x5 #1) 11 / 25

1. first day { the food truck adventure }
2. Greek life { war of the five goddesses }
3. sports
4. dorm
5. new teacher { out of the woods }
6. finals
7. tutoring { pov of you and me }
8. school spirit
9. schedule
10. career plans { I wanna wake up where you are }
11. one-on-one { I might be dead inside / but you make me feel alive }
12. commuting
13. kid getting on school bus (pic prompt - see card)
14. state school
15. finals
16. conflict { nothing in the universe happens just once }
17. veteran teacher { family matters }
18. thesis
19. life lessons { don't need a parachute }
20. mascot
21. failing grade { cost-benefit analysis }
22. prereqs
23. grade school
24. substitute { normalcy is a lie }
25. marching band

5x5 Bingo
1 Line - Any line of five connected prompts, this can be vertical, horizontal or either of the diagonals.
Corners - All Four corner prompts on your card.
The Corner Belly Button - All Four Corner prompts of your card AND the free space of your choice.
The Cross - Middle prompts including free space of your choice.
Bingo Blackout - Complete all 25 prompt boxes of your card

Our Song Against All Odds Moving in Together Surprise Date Return from Deployment
Serenade First Time Pen Pals Dancing Drunk Confessions
Cuddling on the Couch Growing Old Together Hand Holding Sharing Food Cuddling
First Date Wedding Planning Crushing on my BFF Valentine First Vacation Together
Forgotten Birthday/Anniversary Sunset/Sunrise Learning the Curves Blind Date Reunion

first day Greek Life sports dorm new teacher
finals tutoring school spirit schedule career plans
one-on-one commuting *photo prompt* state school finals
conflict veteran teacher thesis life lessons mascot
failing grade prereqs grade school substitute marching band
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-Update 1 million words word count post (updated as of 'dead inside')
-update word count sheet (updated as of 'dead inside')

-the real deal class
-laurel week (day 6, fave relationship)
-put clothes away
-theme song mix
-write up about alison
-list of volunteer opportunities for abba
-appt w tresha @ noon

-application for paper source
-finish comm search
-check email(s)
-entry in new positivity journal
-email alison

-add: ncis-bang, writerverse, all other new comms to writings post

-do an updates tab
-list of prompted pieces
-update fill page
-start plotting not prime time piece
-full list of unfilled comm prompts
-list of pastes for posting to comms
-list of unfilled requests
-room cleaning (focus on books)
-a to z challenge ficlets
-kink ficlets

-tons of other shit probably

-shower b4 bed
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Return to Camelot { x }

nothing to prove and nothing to lose { x }
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001.Beginnings 002.Middles 003.Ends 004.Insides
005.Outsides 006.Past 007.Present 008.Future
009.First 010.Last 011.Only 012.Tears
013.Laughter 014.Hope 015.Fear 016.Love
017.Lust 018.Truth 019.Lies 020.Clean
021.Dirty 022.Hands 023.Hair 024.Eyes
025.Skin 026.Blood 027.Bones 028.Naked
029.Perfume 030.Lipstick 031.Jewelry 032.Shoes
033.Ribbon 034.Hit 035.Hug 036.Kiss
037.Possession 038.Obsession 039.Conceal 040.Reveal
041.Wealth 042.Poverty 043.Dreams 044.Reality
045.Read 046.Write 047.Paint 048.Sing
049.Dance 050.Nurture 051.Destroy 052.Mother
053.Daughter 054.Sister 055.Friends 056.Enemies
057.Strangers 058.Morning 059.Afternoon 060.Evening
061.Birth 062.Death 063.Sound 064.Smell
065.Taste 066.Touch 067.Sight 068.Fire
069.Water 070.Earth 071.Air 072.Winter
073.Spring 074.Summer 075.Fall 076.Strawberries
077.Apple 078.Lemon 079.Red 080.Blue
081.White 082.Black 083.Here 084.There
085.Strength 086.Weakness 087.Courage 088.Cowardice
089.Dangerous 090.Comfort 091.Open 092.Closed
093.Choices 094.Lost 095.Found 096.Memories
097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

#18 + #40 + #94 + #1 + #54 + #52 + #66 + #2 + #25 + #12 = 10 / 100!
+ #57 + #61 + #8 + #22 + #26 + #7 + #60 + #62 + #89 + #6 = 20 / 100 !!
+ #35 + #91 + #3 + #55 + #85 + #65 + #31 + #90 + #75 = 29 / 100

#01 / Beginnings: Peggy Carter { the right moment }
*#02 / Middles : Sarah Manning { not an improvement // scarred by many past frustrations }
#03 / Ends : Aurora (OUAT) { first light }
#04 / Insides :
#05 / Outsides :
#06 + #07 + #08 / Past, Present and Future : Jenny Shepard { time will wait } + Ellie Bishop { national anthem, hats off } + Ziva David { born with a mechanical heart }
#09 / First :
#10 / Last :
#11 / Only :
#12 / Tears : Wanda Maximoff { the unbearable aftermath of being }
#13 / Laughter :
#14 / Hope :
#15 / Fear :
#16 / Love :
#17 / Lust :
#18 / Truth : Melinda May { at length }
#19 / Lies : Cersei Lannister
#20 / Clean :
#21 / Dirty : Arya Stark
*#22 / Hands : Shay (Orphan Black) { the woods on fire at night // certain agony of the battlefield }
#23 / Hair : Felicity Smoak
#24 / Eyes :
*#25 / Skin : Skye (Daisy) Johnson { wanna hold your hand }
**#26 / Blood : Margaery Tyrell { The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships / It's Funny How the Story Lingers }
#27 / Bones : Temperance Brennan
#28 / Naked :
#29 / Perfume :
#30 / Lipstick :
#31 / Jewelry :Gwen Cooper { (you're the) best thing that's ever been mine }
#32 / Shoes :
#33 / Ribbon :
#34 / Hit :
*#35 / Hug : Laurel Lance { love in the time of hardship }
#36 / Kiss :
#37 / Possession : Meg Masters
#38 / Obsession : Becky Rosen
#39 / Conceal :
#40 / Reveal : Pepper Potts { the mighty fall }
#41 / Wealth : Blair Waldorf
#42 / Poverty :
#43 / Dreams : Luna Lovegood
#44 / Reality :
#45 / Read : Shireen Baratheon
#46 / Write : Ginny Weasley
#47 / Paint : Jamie Moriarty
#48 / Sing : Ashley Davies
#49 / Dance :
#50 / Nurture :
#51 / Destroy :
#52 / Mother: Siobhan Sadler { revelation in a rocking chair // newer elements of our defense }
Also written but not counted: Jemma Simmons { agents simmons and operation m.o.m. }
#53 / Daughter : River Song
#54 / Sister : Beth Childs { cherchez la femme }
#55 / Friends : Cam Saroyan { the heart in the home }
#56 / Enemies :
*#57 / Strangers : Cosima Niehaus { match made in cyberspace }
#58 / Morning :
#59 / Afternoon :
#60 / Evening : Dottie Underwood { false start }
*#61 / Birth : Catastrophe { the rebirth of catastrophe }
*#62 / Death : Carmilla Karnstein { I want the world to go away / I want blood, guts, and chocolate cake }
#63 / Sound :
#64 / Smell :
*#65 / Taste : Knockout { pov of you and me }
*#66 / Touch : Sansa Stark { a woman flowered }
#67 / Sight :
#68 / Fire :
*#69 / Water : Cersei Lannister { black fire, burning bright / I murder love in the night }
#70 / Earth :
#71 / Air :
#72 / Winter : Catelyn Stark
#73 / Spring :
#74 / Summer :
**#75 / Fall : Lydia Martin { out of the woods }
#76 / Strawberries :
#77 / Apple :
#78 / Lemon :
#79 / Red : Natasha Romanoff
#80 / Blue :
#81 / White :
#82 / Black :
#83 / Here :
#84 / There : Myrcella Baratheon
*#85 / Strength : Roxy Morton { manners maketh not the woman }
#86 / Weakness :
#87 / Courage :
#88 / Cowardice :
*#89 / Dangerous : Angie Martinelli { nothing in the universe happens just once }
#90 / Comfort :Amanda Rosewater { the light in the devil }
#91 / Open : Laura Hollis { I might be dead inside / but you make me feel alive }
#92 / Closed :
#93 / Choices :
#94 / Lost : Jemma Simmons { left behind }
#95 / Found : Bobbi Morse
#96 / Memories :
#97 / Writer's Choice :
#98 / Writer's Choice :
#99 / Writer's Choice :
#100 / Writer's Choice :

*ao3 links
**comm links

"You can write about as many or as few women as you’re comfortable with--although I’d be most impressed if anyone manages to write 100 stories about 100 different women!"

*clears throat and cracks knuckles*

All the Ladies
1. Melinda May
2. Pepper Potts
3. Jemma Simmons
4. Peggy Carter
5. Beth Childs
6. Siobhan Sadler
7. Sansa Stark
8. Sarah Manning
9. Skye (Daisy) Johnson
10. Wanda Maximoff
11. Cosima Niehaus
12. Catastrophe
13. Ziva David
14. Shay (Orphan Black)
15. Margaery Tyrell
16. Ellie Bishop
17. Dottie Underwood
18. Carmilla Karnstein
19. Angie Martinelli
20. Jenny Shepard
21. Laurel Lance
22. Laura Hollis
23. Aurora (OUAT)
24. Cam Saroyan
25. Roxy Morton
26. Knockout
27. Gwen Cooper
28. Amanda Rosewater
29. Cersei Lannister
30. Lydia Martin

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