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Request for a cat? Denied. (Again.)
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needs to be written today:
-yesterday's sawicki saturday
-cam week day one (why you love her)
-laurel week day seven (free day)
-1-million-words weekend challenge

-marvel bang
-ncis bang
-writerverse june bang
-melinda may week

add new works to fill page
-i'll probably have to do the agenda for the family meeting shit
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-wake up ~8:20 (if abba can/does come in earlier get up earlier)
-bfast @ home, pack lunchbox
-getting up to go to post office @ rhode island ave. - opens @ 9
-head to ss after (einstein 4 part of lunch a/o2 home sandwich? need money)
-tresha @ 1
-take app 2 paper source (open 10-7)
-drop laptop, lunchbox, etc at home
-go to giant (update: since as i'm editing this i got the text from u abba, does 90$ 4 the week sound ok? groceries and then some 4 the rest of the week? oh and i found some useful things @ the paper source that's why i got them they're not needs exactly but proving so far beneficial 2 me)

-no alison bc she's on a trip but out by ten anyway ofc
-kathleen @ 1
-carmilla 2.3 up on yt @ 5:30

-wendt @ 6:30pm

-out by ten
-kathleen @ 1
(maybe go get salad again? kathleen suggested going to interesting place or place like barnes n noble but i already got things @ the paper source and if i go there i'll want to get a book so probs not smartest but i should probs go somewhere not starbucks 4 the 2hr gap)
-dr jenkins @ 4
-carmilla 2.4 up on yt @ 5:30
-make sure room and tv room and bathroom tidy enough 4 maid brigade

-out by ten, maid brigade
-find a different thing to do (visit & write @ gallery?)

-orphan black 3.9 @ 9 on bbca