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sorry about anything I haven't been able to get done recently.

I know I've dropped out of a couple fests I didn't expect to have to, and I don't know who I've emailed and who I haven't or anything. Times have been really hectic, and the semester started yesterday, so things aren't exactly slowing down.

I should be able to handle most of the things, esp. more short term that I've already signed up for, but yeah, if anyone is wondering why I may not be so active in times to come or why I don't respond to a message or something, I'm probably in class or doing homework or attending to something medical or family related.

*last edit: 9.3 1:30pm*

things I am doing (not including fests and tables)


signed up for:

inspired20in20 round 50 (inspiration post | post | claim: general/n.a. (no claims) | deadline: 9.20 midnight)

spn20in20 round 12 ( table | claim: adrianne, felicia, & genevieve | deadline: 9.27)

cardwars september battle (post) (ends 9.18)

comics_ic #81: close crop + negative space ( post | due 9.20 9pm GMT+2)

not yet signed up for:

femslashbb september challenge (theme: history | undecided | deadline: 9.30)

sign up not required:

hogwarts365 prompt #104 (due 9.12) ("Celebrity is as celebrity does." —Gilderoy Lockhart, The Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament, House of Black | must be 365 words)

cap_im tiny reverse bang (current: round 11 - kree | deadline: 9.12)

open rounds with finished claims:

btvsats20in20 round 12 (table | claim: buffy/faith | ends: 9.15)

hbic20in20 round 50 ( table | claim: general/n.a. (any females) | ends: 9.12 midnight)

character20in20 round 73 (table | claim: allison blake | deadline: 9.20 midnight)


comicdrabbles: #132: paper cut (Wednesday)


cards_wild: #42: 6-10 (due 9.12)
Complete fanworks for the prompt: 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10
You can choose things that are inspired by the numbers; seasons, doctors, cylons etc or for this challenge you can make sets of things (eg one thing x 8, one thing x 10)

#53: King & Queen (due 9.20)
Complete fanworks for the prompt: King and Queen. Obviously this is pretty open because you can pick actual kings or queens, or the kings and queens of your heart - All Ladies or All Men or whatever you like :)

#46: Stake Your Claim (by 9.16)

#48: Narrowed Focus (due 9.16)
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(10) THEMES: *Casting Call, *Curly Text, Earth Toned, Embarrassed, Favorite Scene, *Full Body Behind, Pink, Sad, *Sound Effect, *Symbol

*CASTING CALL: If you had to choose another actor to take your character's place, who would it be? Icon that actor.

*CURLY TEXT: You must use a font that has some curl/curve/cursive to it.

*FULL BODY BEHIND: Your icon must be of your character's full body and be from behind.

*SOUND EFFECT: Your icon should have a sound effect on it.

*SYMBOL: Icon something that is symbolic to your character.

(5) CATEGORY: SHAPES: All five icons must include a different shape. The shapes you will need to use are: Circle, Square, Star, Heart and Triangle.

Please try to keep them in that order in the table. If you have questions please feel free to ask.

claim: Allison Blake (Eureka)

+Please comment if you have something to say.
+Please comment & credit if you take any.
+Thanks for checking out my icons!

+Actress in 'Casting Call' is Rosario Dawson; icon is of her as Claire Temple in Daredevil.

Casting Call Curly Text Earth Toned Embarrassed Favorite Scene
Full Body Behind Pink Sad Sound Effect Symbol

Circle Square Star Heart Triangle

artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5