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DUE 9.12


*Black & White, *WTF, *Smile, *Faceless, *In Action, *Negative Space, *Hair Porn, *Lyrics, *Obscure Crop, *HBIC20in20

Black & White
Your icon should be totally black and white, no colour at all.

Show a character with an expression or doing something that is totally WTF. You can have the letters "WTF" on the icon if you like:

Make an icon of a character smiling.

Make an icon of a character where their face isn't visible. You can achieve this through cropping or have your claim not facing the camera:

In Action
Show a character in action as though the icon has captured them mid-scene as though the action has been paused.

Negative Space
Make an icon using the negative space technique.

Hair Porn
Make an icon really showcasing a characters hair.

Make an icon including a character and at least 3 words from the lyrics of a song.

Obscure Crop
Crop an image of a HBIC in a way that is somewhat unusual.

Make an icon of any HBIC (I suggest your most favourite!), and you MUST to put the text "hbic20in20" on the icon! The reason being that the winning icon of this theme will become the new default icon for our comm.

Category (5)
Talking With The Hands
Gestures, embellishments, gesticulations, whatever it is, show your claim really getting their hands into a conversation. If you're having trouble finding good screencaps, you can make icons really focusing on the hands. For this set you can have any multiple of different characters, or all five of the same character, or mix and match, or whatever you like :)
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+please comment if you have thoughts.
+please comment and credit if you take or use any.

black&white WTF smile faceless in action
negative space hair porn lyrics obscure crop hbic20in20

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