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note: I chose to focus on the Marvel fandom because narrowing most of these down in terms of fandom in general would just be impossible. (the challenge is here...but I guess you can't see it if you're not in the comm so whatever that's more for me)

favorite tv show [Agent Carter]

favorite movie [Captain America: The Winter Soldier]

OTP [Peggysous aka Daniel Sousa x Peggy Carter from 'Agent Carter']

favorite character [Peggy Carter]

free space [I'm sorry]

two fandoms [MCU + DCU because SUPERGIRL FEELINGS / specific fandoms are Agents of SHIELD and Supergirl CBS]

"choose a texture" []

headcanon: Bi!Peggy + Bi!Steve (for the record, I guess the graphic also includes the pan!Angie, futureMrCarter!Daniel, and bi!Tony headcanons. I didn't really have space for others since I have a queer HC for, well, p much every character and I wanted all my graphics for this except for the Peggysous one because oops to be the same size, but I considered including Bucky and/or Sam.)

two colors: red + blue (+ white)