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going well: admitted I couldn't handle LIT class

unwell: being sick obvs
sleep schedule with a mind of its own - but still trying to be in bed before one even though I then have trouble getting to and/or staying asleep
letting stress escalate to the point where I dropped the ball on class

general to-dos:
-gonna set alarm for 930am daily
-looking through au sga job opportunity listings - pick at least one babysitting job
-fill out application for humane society (15$ fee required)
-[ profile] fan_flashworks challenge #134 ends tuesday 20
-blindspot icons due for battle sunday 25
-clothes shopping (?)
-decide on halloween costume
-think about next semester

sunday aka today
-this schedule lol
-french hw (2 activities left)
-dishes (door left open for cooling)

monday 19
-ross center meeting @1pm (1245pm - bring papers): 5225 wisconsin ave #400
-blindspot on nbc @ 10pm
-will need to refill med box
-heating ppl will be here - Sarah will wake if not up by ten

tuesday 20
-grocery shopping (?)
-go to school (m. language center?) to study for exam
-french midterm @ 810pm | ecriture #3 due

wednesday 21 aka new book day and BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY
-both 1872 and black canary will have new issues :D
-ross center meeting @12n: 5225 wisconsin ave #400
-back to the future day party (@fantom) @ 6pm (costumes and 5$ cover involved)
-arrow on the cw @ 9pm
*a) turn tv off before supernatural or b) get caught up on svu and watch that @ 10 instead*

thursday 22
-allison @ 1145am
-claire via video call @3pm
-french class @ 810pm

friday 23
-claire @ 230pm - will be working on resume & looking through job opps on student government site
-parents leaving at 3pm

saturday 24
-doctor who @ 9pm

sunday 25
-who knows what else yet
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little tardy to the party on posting my stuff oops

october 1
sure be cool if you did | 3 edits | mcu (daredevil, aos, agent carter)

october 2
sweet dreams (are made of this) | 4 icons | agent carter

october 3
october 4
october 5
october 6

october 7
all heaven broke loose | 4 icons | the 100

october 8
october 9

october 10
janie's got a gun | 3 icons | rizzoli and isles, blindspot, marvel

october 11
october 12
october 13
october 14
october 15
october 16
october 17

october 18
world leader pretend | 4 edits | agent carter

october 19

october 20
jenny | 8 icons | ncis + sleepy hollow

october 21
october 22
october 23
october 24

october 25
sexbomb | 3 edits | agents of shield

october 26
october 27
october 28
october 29
october 30
october 31


15/10/15 16:20
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nervewracking and kind of disappointing, but i am dropping my lit class. just too and stress and 'freedom'. while I always have thoughts on things - SO MANY - I'm not really good with the whole 'write whatever you want on the topic'. I need more structure than that when i'm getting graded...

so, yeah. didn't want to have to, but my dad brought it up the other day and I honestly felt so much less stressed just imagining not having this class, so...I'm still gonna read the books tho, and write meta probably. like the thing I was originally working on about toxic masculinity in Othello.

I'm not entirely sure if they'll do the next level of the french class in the spring semester (or at least, that my *awesome* professor will be teaching it *sad face*) but I think planning to take it is the best idea...i don't know if taking two classes is a good idea, if I should find one that's just...less intensive than LIT? I guess?

idek right now. I just wanted to put this out there. *returns to french homework*
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[ profile] 1sentence claim: peggysous

default table (theme set alpha)
(from this [ profile] 1sentenceorder post)

#01 - Comfort
#02 - Kiss
#03 - Soft
#04 - Pain
#05 - Potatoes
#06 - Rain
#07 - Chocolate
#08 - Happiness
#09 - Telephone
#10 - Ears
#11 - Name
#12 - Sensual
#13 - Death
#14 - Sex
#15 - Touch
#16 - Weakness
#17 - Tears
#18 - Speed
#19 - Wind
#20 - Freedom
#21 - Life
#22 - Jealousy
#23 - Hands
#24 - Taste
#25 - Devotion
#26 - Forever
#27 - Blood
#28 - Sickness
#29 - Melody
#30 - Star
#31 - Home
#32 - Confusion
#33 - Fear
#34 - Lightning/Thunder
#35 - Bonds
#36 - Market
#37 - Technology
#38 - Gift
#39 - Smile
#40 - Innocence
#41 - Completion
#42 - Clouds
#43 - Sky
#44 - Heaven
#45 - Hell
#46 - Sun
#47 - Moon
#48 - Waves
#49 - Hair
#50 - Supernova
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[ profile] tvcharacter20 round 60 - due 10.31

book adaptation: Icon a character (or characters) from a book adaptation. A few shows that were developed from books are: Gossip Girl, M*A*S*H, Game of Thrones, Roswell, Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex, Sherlock/Elementary, Friday Night Lights, Orange Is the New Black, True Blood.
canceled: Icon a character (or characters) from a show that has been canceled.
good vs. evil: Your icon needs to show both a good character and an evil character.
no face: Icon needs to not show at least 80% of the face. It can be blocked by something, using textures, seeing the character from behind, etc.
orange/black: The main colors of this icon should be orange and black.
recent: Icon a character (or characters) from a show that is currently airing.
spooky: You can either icon a spooky effect (think smokey textures) or a spooky character, etc.
under-appreciated: Icon a character (or characters) that you feel are under-appreciated in the fandom.

(5) Category: RIP - Make 5 icons using a character (or characters) that are no longer living. You can use the same character as many times as you want or icon 5 different ones.

book adaptation canceled dream OTP family good vs. evil
no face orange/black recent spooky under-appreciated

Category - RIP
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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help me decide on ladies to do for this tv/film ladies meme, friends :D

[1] female centric film
legally blonde

[2] female centric tv shows
orphan black
unbreakable kimmy schmidt (?)

[3] ladies of color
iris west (dc)
lanie parish (castle)
raven reyes (the 100)

[3] under-appreciated ladies
cho chang (harry potter)
molly hooper (sherlock)
sharon carter (marvel)

[3] ladies of dc/marvel* [6]
felicity smoak (dc)
laurel lance (dc)
harley quinn (dc)

hope van dyne (marvel)
kamala khan (marvel)
skye/daisy johnson (marvel)

[3] non-human ladies
kira yukimura (teen wolf)
madame vastra (doctor who)
ruby (supernatural)

[3] magical ladies
luna lovegood (harry potter)
lady sif (marvel)
willow rosenberg (btvs)

[3] actress bffs

[4] lady rulers
abaddon (supernatural)
guinevere pendragon (bbc merlin)
margaery tyrell (game of thrones)
mary queen of scots (reign)

[4] lady villains
missy (doctor who)
dottie underwood (agent carter)
nyssa al ghul (dc)

[4] lady heroes
nikita mears (nikita)
peggy carter (marvel)
leia organa (star wars)

[5] ladies of drama
jane doe/taylor shaw (blindspot)
olivia pope (scandal) (?)

[5] ladies of sci-fi
clara oswald (doctor who)
river tam (firefly)
dana scully (the x files)
padme amidala (star wars)

[5] ladies of comedy
rosa diaz (b99)
april ludgate (parks and rec)

[5] maternal ladies
melinda may (marvel)
melissa mccall (teen wolf)
regina mills (once upon a time)
siobhan sadler (orphan black)

[5] queer ladies
angela montenegro (bones)
charlie bradbury (supernatural)
clarke griffin (the 100)
cosima niehaus (orphan black)
sophia burset (orange is the new black)

[6] lady friendships
alex + nikita (nikita)
angie + peggy (agent carter)
blair + serena (gossip girl)
clone club (orphan black) | alison, cosima, sarah
flaca + maritza (orange is the new black)
natasha + pepper (marvel)

[6] lady romances
arizona/callie (grey's anatomy)
ashley/spencer (south of nowhere)
cara/kahlan (legend of the seeker)
cosima/delphine (orphan black)
emily/maya (pretty little liars)
nyssa/sara (dc)

[7] actresses
hayley atwell
jenna coleman
kristen stewart
tatiana maslany

[8] lady doctors (ladies with doctorates)
dr. christina yang (grey's anatomy)
dr. jane foster (marvel)
dr. martha jones (doctor who)
dr. maura isles (rizzoli and isles)
dr. temperance brennan (bones)

[8] lady cops (inc. feds)
det. abby mills (sleepy hollow)
det. amy santiago (b99)
agent gwen cooper (torchwood)
jane rizzoli (rizzoli and isles)
jessica jones (marvel)
det. kate beckett (castle)
sergeant olivia benson (law and order svu)
special agent ziva david (ncis)
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table originally posted (unfinished) on 10.03 | table due 10.20 for [ profile] character20n20

[ profile] theladymore this is in honor of us and our lovely little network btw ;D

*BLACK & WHITE + NEG. SPACE: Your icons must be all black and white and the majority must be negative space.

*CLOSE PROFILE: Your icon must be closely cropped as well as show your character's profile.

*FAKE BACKGROUND: You must use a background that is not the original background of the cap you choose.

*LIGHT & DARK: Your icon must have both aspects of light and dark represented.

*SECOND CHOICE: Icon the character you chose for your 2nd choice in the sign up post. {Peggy Carter}

(5) CATEGORY: One Cap + Magnifying Glass: You must use the same screencap for all 5 icons and each crop must get visibly closer and closer to the subject.

+if you have thoughts please comment.
+if you take and/or use any please comment and credit.

B&W + Neg. Space Close Profile Fake Background Friends Light & Dark
Provided Texture
Second Choice

(One Cap + Magnifying Glass)
one two three four five

artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
clarahow: (crossover!peggy)

claim: hayley atwell
due: October 16

+if you have thoughts please comment.
+if you take and/or use any please comment and credit.

unnatural tiny text queen bright vintage

eyes closed rotate heart dodge plus one

Category Set
Far Away
1 2 3 4 5

AC Set
1 2 3 4 5

for [ profile] females20in20
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round one | code name: assemble
The Starring Role | 1,240 words | M, no warnings
"You don't love me, big fucking deal! I'll never tell you how I feel...
sometimes I ignore you, so I feel in control,
cause really, I adore you, and I can't leave you alone...
I never sang for love, I never had a heart to mend, because before the start began, I always saw the end, yeah!
I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me,
but nothing's ever gonna give, I'll never set you free!"

round two | code name: breakout
Don't See How This is a Party | 360 words | T, no warnings
What goes as planned when the planner is Tony Stark? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

round three | code name: classic
After the Thrill is Gone | 767 words | T, no warnings
Steve and Tony decide they'd rather make their last-ever move like normal people would, and naturally, packing up all the remaining belongings and trinkets from the past fifty plus years brings up some memories.

round four | code name: disassemble
Not-So-Extraneous Features | 400 words | M, no warnings
When Tony had added the cock appendage feature to his newest suit, he hadn’t expected to ever actually use it.

round five | code name: earth
Not Your Father's Slippery Slope | 393 words | M, no warnings
Tony sucks at sleeping, and Steve cares, maybe too much (but not really).

round six | code name: flying
Free Flyin' | 775 words | T, no warnings
Super child is super, and so is her family.

round seven | code name: golden
Every Man Has His Castle | 912 words | T, no warnings
Art is titled: “I’m going to punch you in your stupid patriotic face.”

round eight | code name: heroic
The Cookie Cake is Not a Lie | 2,346 words | M, no warnings
Tony misses Steve's birthday party. Steve isn't happy about say the least.

round nine | code name: invincible
Dinner Date | 500 words | T, no warnings
Steve learns something new every day.

round ten | code name: justice
Methods of Learning | 803 words | T, no warnings
The first half hour of the party is agonizing, and it’s no less than luck that no one remarks on Tony’s uneasiness.

round eleven | code name: kree
So-Called Chaos | 785 words | E, no warnings
This time, you remember every detail.

round twelve | code name: liberty
Talking Body | 367 words | T, no warnings
Steve's thoughts on the age-old question as to whether a man can have his cake and eat it too.

round thirteen | code name: marvel
In Another Life | 890w | M, no warnings
There's a very popular Steve/Tony story out there...and now, it's made its way into the hands of the Avengers.
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[ profile] allthingsfandom challenge #14: otherwordly

make graphics and/or write drabbles using 5 words from the otherwordly tumblr blog.

1 | balter (v.) : to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment. | taylor swift graphic

2 | finifugal (adj.): hating endings; of someone who tries to prolong or avoid the final moments of a story, relationship or some other journey. | eleventh doctor (doctor who) graphic

3 | palinoa (n.): the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfect or mastered. | marvel multi-character graphic

4 + 5 | meliorism (n.): the belief that the world gets better; the belief that humans can change the world. + orenda (n.): a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to affect change in their own lives. | 2 marvel multi-character graphics
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these are my icons for [ profile] doctorwho20in20 round 60.

+this is a general round so there are no claims.
+please comment if you have thoughts.
+please comment and credit if you take any.


Doctor Companion Minor
Time Lords

Doctor Who Experience


Category - Tag! You're It!

Each icon should feature one character that's also present in the previous icon, making a character chain.

Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Artist's Choice

AC #1 AC #2 AC #3 AC #4 AC #5

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I know I'm not on here like, for academic shit or whatever but...most of my friends on here seem to be a good bit older than me. Like, old enough to maybe have enough of their shit together to maybe...give me some 'surviving college' tips? Maybe? Please?
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This Month's Theme is: Fantasy
➧ You must create something that relates to the theme. It can be a story, graphic, drawing, baked goods, cooked meals, music playlist, outfit, makeup.. anything! Seriously!
➧ Points will vary depending on your submission, with a max of 1,000 points.

+40 Points for Non-Animated Signature Banners
➧ +40 Points for Non-Animated Text OR Picture Icons
➧ +80 Points for Non-Animated Text AND Picture Icons
➧ +600 Points for Wallpaper
+80 points for Writing 200 Words
➧ +120 points for Writing 400 Words
➧ +240 points for Writing 600 Words
➧ +320 points for Writing 800 Words
➧ +640 points for Writing 1000 Words

icons of ladies from fantasy fandoms

textless (40p x 13 = 520p)

bbc merlin

buffy the vampire slayer

game of thrones

harry potter

once upon a time


the vampire diaries

with text (80p x 6 = 480p)

bbc merlin

game of thrones

harry potter

once upon a time
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[ profile] historamedy365 | 100 icons in 365 days
signed up: 9.12.16 // must finish by 9.12.17
icons listed (roughly) by order of completion // relevant theme above, and relevant fandom underneath

+if you have thoughts, please comment!
+if you take any please comment and credit.

this post last edited April 6, 2016 @ 5:00pm with the "beautiful" icon.

Claim: Comics & Comics Adaptations
075 / 100

agent carter (tv) : 16
arrow (tv) : 11
supergirl cbs : 09
agents of shield (tv) : 08
avengers: age of ultron : 06
captain america: the winter soldier : 06
avengers (2012) : 03
captain america: the first avenger : 03
daredevil (tv) : 03
hawkeye : 03
the amazing spider-man (film) : 02
agent carter (short) : 01
captain america: civil war : 01
captain america (comics) : 01
the flash (tv) : 01
iron man (film) : 01
iron man 2 (film) : 01
thor (film) : 01
young avengers : 01
(+ nikita (tv) ): 01

baby | the end | that's it | blog

arrow (tv) | agent carter (tv) | agent carter (tv) | thor (film)

pov | crossover | creative | ouch

agent carter (tv) | agent carter (tv); captain america: the first avenger + nikita (tv) | avengers (2012) | arrow (tv)

fun | soulmate | omg | red

agents of shield (tv) | agents of shield (tv) | arrow (tv) | avengers: age of ultron

tiny text | negative space | thank you | hair

daredevil (tv) | supergirl cbs | the flash (tv) | supergirl cbs

common ground | night | quote | bow

agents of shield (tv) | avengers: age of ultron | avengers: age of ultron | young avengers

my least favorite episode | my favorite episode | two pictures | off center

agent carter (tv) | agents of shield (tv) | arrow (tv) | supergirl cbs

name | gobsmacked | tears | queen

agent carter (tv) | agents of shield (tv) | agent carter (tv) | captain america: the first avenger

psychic | full body | purple heart | back

avengers: age of ultron | hawkeye | agent carter (tv) | arrow (tv)

film noir | close up | dirty | lights

daredevil (tv) | captain america: the first avenger | agents of shield (tv) | arrow (tv)

black and white | kid | it's not over | boarder

avengers (2012) | the amazing spider-man (film) | arrow (tv) | agent carter (tv)

front | muted color | vibrant colors | blended

arrow (tv) | captain america: the winter soldier | avengers (2012) | arrow (tv)

texture | phone | paint | yummy

captain america: the winter soldier | captain america: the winter soldier | the amazing spider-man (film) | hawkeye

weapon | duplicate | moment of peace | yelling

captain america: the winter soldier | agents of shield (tv) | iron man (film) | arrow (tv)

white | levels | dark | corner

captain america: the winter soldier | arrow (tv) | daredevil (tv) | agents of shield (tv)

night out | circle | real friends | three levels

supergirl cbs | captain america (comics) | agent carter (tv) | supergirl cbs

half/half | opening scene | far away | brave

avengers: age of ultron + iron man 2 (film) | supergirl cbs | captain america: the winter soldier | supergirl cbs

bad | neon lights | white decoration | silhouette

hawkeye | supergirl cbs | agent carter (tv) | agent carter (tv)

inevitable | trio | dance | rainbow

agent carter (tv) | avengers: age of ultron | agent carter (tv) | supergirl cbs

endless cycle | beautiful | text-only

captain america: civil war + agent carter (tv) | agent carter (short) | agent carter (tv)
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[ profile] gameofcards challenge #42: 6-10

6 Orphan Black Icons (3 x 5p = 15p)

6 Game of Thrones icons (for the 6 Stark children) (3 x 5p = 15p)

1 Sense8 graphic (1 x 5p = 5p)

1 Rose/10th Doctor graphic (1 x 5p = 5p)
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[ profile] gameofcards challenge #53: king & queen

15 icons + 1 graphic = 8 x 5p = 40p

+mostly chose photos/ladies at random/first thought because there are so many that are my queens, including canonically-titled ladies and canonically-"titled" ladies and it was hard trying to pick.
+if you take any icons please comment and credit!

Queen(s) (+Princesses)

Charlie Bradbury

Blair Waldorf

Anne Boleyn | Regina Mills | Morgana Pendragon | Cersei Lannister

Peggy Carter | Sansa Stark

King & Queen

Robb/Sansa Stark graphic (only on tumblr atm; mildly nsfw; incest cw)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] kitty_fic!!! Wishing you a very lovely one :D and if it isn't cat-filled IRL, well...I got you.

Happy birthday, Kitty, from Clara and the cats!

*sets up birthday party on the Interwebs*

cross-posted to ao3 here | credits: cat images from tumblr; I don't know if you have a Tumblr - but here are the links to the pictures I used where they are on my blog: one + two. credit for the lovely art goes to those artists. other parts of the banner are from texture packs found at the Tumblr blog fuckingphotoshop.
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primarily from [ profile] gameofcards but if someone wants me to make them something feel free to ask, I'm just making this post so I can keep records :D

can earn 300pt per month | 20pt per request

tash (everythingshiny) | sigtags | here
4 Lydia Martin (1/4 alt) : 5x3 = 15 + 2 = 17pt
2 Allison Argent : 5x2 = 10pt
1 Allison + Lydia : 5x1 = 5pt

nikki of hearts | sigtags | here
3 Taylor Swift : 5x3 = 15pt

sophia_clark | icons | here
8 In the Flesh (2/8 alt) : 5x8 = 40pt
clarahow: (annaby)
All icons should be PG-13.
Screencaps, episode stills, and promo images are fine to use. Please don't use any fan artwork.
All icons should be of SPN cast (Candid/Photo shoots). The images should not be from any of their other projects unless a theme/category is specified.

Themes (10) : other project * , casual, silly, dreamlike, convention*,sitting , accessory , plus one , carefree , colorful

other project* - An icon of any other role of your celebrity
convention* - This doesn't necessarily have to be SPN convention. Icon of any other convention is fine.

Category (5) : Celebrity Crush - Show why you love our SPN Cast members!

Artist's Choice (5): Your choice of icons related to the round
| { rules post }

claim: Adrianne, Felicia, & Genevieve

+please comment if you have thoughts.
+please comment and credit if you take or use any.

+other project: Felicia as Holly Marten in Eureka.

other project casual silly dreamlike convention
sitting accessory plus one carefree colorful

Category – Celebrity Crush
1 2 3 4 5

artist’s choice
choice 1
choice 2
choice 3
choice 4
choice 5

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[ profile] cardwars September Battle: Sci/Fi & Fantasy Favorites

note: I am super into sci fi & fantasy, so basically I did the first or second things that came to mind as my favorites in these categories for these icons, because trying to *decide* just wasn't feasible. I got things to do.

Film | Character | Color | Scene

Show | Male Character | Couple | Costume

Quote | Actor /& Actress | Landscape | Hairstyle




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